3 Best Tennis Lessons Near Me For Beginners Before They Start Their Journey

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Mental and physical challenges that are associated with tennis are manifold. At the tour level, a coach plays a vital role in a player’s performance. He wears many hats that include a mentor, psychologist, confidant, tactician, taskmaster, friend, etc. 

When all of these qualities combine, then a star player is born. But before even entering the game, there are a few tennis lessons near me for beginners that you need to know. This will prepare your mind about what you’re gonna face.

Read these philosophies that coaches have used to turn all the tables in their favor for their players. 

Patrick Mouratoglou

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Patrick is 48 years old of both French and Greek descent. He is the founder of Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, founded in the vicinity of Nice, France, in 1996.

His guiding principles are “Keep motivation levels high, ensuring players are constantly challenged.”

Serena was already a successful female tennis player of the time when she joined forces with Mouratoglou. Patrick saw that it would be important to keep Serena motivated, help her to be more consistent and efficient. And then the rest is history. 

Darren Cahill

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Darren is a 53-year-old Austrian tennis coach and pundit. In his tennis career, he has reached No. 22 in the world in singles. Also, he made it to the semifinals of the 1988 US open. 

Cahill’s view on tennis is that “The men’s game is black and white and the women’s game is more colorful and complicated.” According to him, men and women play the same sport on a court. The dimensions, speed factors, strength factors, power factors result in different mentalities. 

For him, the men’s game is somehow black and white, whereas women have more colorful matches. Because the men can rely on the last shot to finish, but women can’t rely on one particular degree to finish matches. 

Toni Nadal

Toni, also known as uncle Tony, is a 58-year-old Spanish Tennis coach and academy manager. He started playing tennis at the age of 14, and he was the junior champion of Balearic island. 

Toni’s guiding principles are “Having a fighting spirit means never hide pain within because that suffering is inevitable.” He believes that a champion must endure and suffer; they should fight to the end to achieve greatness. Toni is the coach of Rafa, and he says that Toni taught him to endure, put up with whatever comes his way. Learn to overcome your weakness and pain; only then will you be able to taste success. 


These are the success mantras from some famous coaches that you need before you start looking for tennis lessons near me for beginners. Before starting with your physical practice in tennis lessons near me for beginners. These mental lessons were a must to know that success doesn’t come overnight; you have to fight for it, physically as well as mentally.

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