A multi-talented Young German musician Jannik Sinner

jannik sinner

Jannik Sinner was born in Denmark on the 27th March 1978. He made music since he was a child, playing various instruments like violin, piano, drums, or guitar but it wasn’t until 1993 that he got to discover his passion for electronic music. From then on he started producing his own tracks and formed the project “sound of arp ” with Richard held aka Chagga. After releasing a few albums together they decided to go their separate ways in 1999. Jannik sinner continued working under different aliases for other European labels before signing with 303lovers records in 2003 after being impressed by 303lovers sound philosophy.

The musical education of Jannik Sinner

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Jannik Sinner’s musical education began when his parents bought him a drum kit at age of 6. He learned to play the drums very young and started with classical guitar lessons at age 14, but this did not last long because he became quite good at it. At 17 Jannik followed the two directions that would, later on, be complete opposites of each other: While playing drums in metal bands he developed his interest in electronic music.

After high school he decided to go on studying music instead of taking an academic degree, so he ended up in the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen where he had finalized his studies around 2004.

When leaving here Jannik sinner started with the production of a track called “Zulu” which was later included on Paul van Dyk’s album in 2003.

After that, others like Tiësto and Armin van Buuren got interested in Jannik’s music and this resulted in a contract with Black Hole Recordings.

Since then he has worked hard on the production of Techno/Trance, but when listening to his early tracks you can hear that they can best be described as Happy Hardcore meets Trance!

Jannik Sinner Albums

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-In 2006 Jannik released his debut album “Unleashed” on Maelstrom records. The album contained a nice mixture of techno/house tracks with quite an accessible sound.

-2007 was the year to be remembered, he released his second album “In My Head” which continued to build on his first album’s success…it was very club-friendly and became a great album for having fun in the clubs!

But there came a change in 2008: Jannik’s music got more serious and turned into something that became darker, colder, and harder – it got more complex as well. His third studio album is called “Possession” which features collaborations from Kitty Su tongue, Lana del ray as well as Tim Healey. You can grab this fantastic album at Beatport now!

-Jannik has also released a track with Kitty Su tongue called “Bad Karma” which was very well received as it got into the top 20 on Beatport as well as number 1 in Juno Records.

-Currently, Jannik is working on his fourth album and he promises that this one will be quite different from his previous stuff!

It’s gonna be different because I now feel much more confident about producing something totally off the wall and still making it sound like me, compared to earlier releases where I tried to make it sound like me but at the same time stay inside my comfort zone…which backfired sometimes! But for this next release, I’m not going to follow any standard patterns and rules… I’ll just make music that makes me happy and keeps making me smile, whether it’s a full-out banging techno track or something ambient! Jannik sinner.

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