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Emma Raducanu is an Italian artist who now lives in London. Emma Raducanu graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy and she has a degree in literature. In 2013, she won a contest by Anna Scher for drawing lessons. Since then her drawings have been exhibited by many galleries and museums – including Palazzo Venezia – or have been reproduced on big posters that Emma put up all over the streets of Rome. Emma Raducanu’s technique starts from digital collages, but it ends with oil pastels on paper “a 100% natural product” as stated by the young artist. The result is unusual pictures, evocative and suggestive, which invite us to dive into a different world: impossible objects placed in an unexpected context, unnaturally twisted bodies that seem to be imploding.

Emma Raducanu Paintings

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Emma Raducanu’s paintings are surreal and obscure at the same time: a strange atmosphere that reminds of a David Lynch film or a Paul Delvaux’s painting. Only, her characters aren’t coming from the past but from the future. They have no identity nor body because their heads are manipulated with photoshop to become spheres. Objects, animals, and even bigger elements such as the skies or mountains invade them as if they were some kind of new organism on Earth. In this chaotic universe where everything is possible, Emma gives us some clues about what she thinks could happen in our near future. Her contribution tells more than a thousand words about how we can destroy our planet and ourselves:

Emma Raducanu Controversies

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She was arrested last week at Heathrow Airport for allegedly trying to smuggle £50,000 out of the country hidden inside her luggage.

The brunette stunner claims she was forced into carrying the cash but detectives aren’t convinced and are continuing their investigation. She could be jailed if found guilty of attempting to evade paying tax on the money.

Posing next to a one-of-a-kind supercar might seem a strange way to protest your innocence – unless you’re a hot Romanian blonde with a taste for flashy motors. That’s certainly how Emma Raducanu seemed to be looking at it when she posed with her £350,000 Lamborghini Aventador – impounded by Border Police on suspicion of smuggling cash out of the UK.

Although the 29-year-old had been stopped and questioned at Heathrow last week while trying to board a flight to Bucharest, she didn’t seem too perturbed as she smiled next to the distinctive orange sports car outside Regent’s Park police station in central London yesterday (Wed).

Clearly keen not to miss out on any chance of showing off her assets, Emma was also snapped wearing a revealing plunging leopard print dress which revealed plenty of side boob. The brunette is no stranger to outrageous outfits – having previously hit

She could be jailed if found guilty of attempting to evade paying tax on the money Loaded

By Daniel Martin and Liz Hull, Emma Raducanu appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court today charged with tax fraud following an investigation by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Loading. Let’s see how far it goes.

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