ATP Tennis- Men`s Professional Tennis

ATP Tennis- Men`s Professional Tennis

ATP is an organization for tennis professionals, basically for men. Its has its headquarters in London. Since 1990 ATP has been organizing tours. Furthermore, ATP is the main governing body for professional tennis for men. The competition was earlier known as Grand Prix tennis tournament and WCT world championship tennis. In the year 1972, Donald Dell, Jack Kramer, and also Cliff Drysdale together formed this organization.

ATP Tennis: Early History

ATP was started in the year 1972. Jack Kramer was the executive director at that time. In addition, the president of ATP was Cliff Drysdale. The founding member was Jim McManus. ATP was specially made for all those young players who were interested in professional tennis. Jim Kramer created the ranking system, which is used until today. Furthermore, from 1974 to 1989, the men`s professional team was governed by a sub-committee known as men`s international professional tennis council (MIPTC). The subcommittee was made taking all the representatives of ATP, ITF(International Tennis Federation) and tournament directors.

ATP Tennis- Men`s Professional Tennis
ATP Tennis- Men`s Professional Tennis

ATP Tennis Tour

Hamilton Jordan, the CEO of ATP on 30th august 1988, announced the withdrawal from MIPTC and also from 1990 ATP created its tour program. ATP was the first organization which was able to broadcast its 19 tournaments on television. Furthermore, it came up with its first website in the year 1995.

ATP tour consisted of different series to tournaments like master 1000, world tour 500, world tour 250 and the challenger tour.

ATP 2019 Tour

It is an elite men`s professional tennis which is managed by ATP. 2019 Tour includes grand slam, master series, tour 500 series, tour 250 series. it also includes the Davis cup and ATP finals

The ATP calendar of the year 2019 includes many known tournaments. For the Master series matches the ATP has introduced a time slot named shot clock. The players are given 5 minutes to warm up and one minute to start playing. In total 2019tour includes 67 tournaments. The tournament began on 31st December 2018 and will finish on 24th November 2019.

ATP Rankings for 2019

*Singles ranking

  1. Novak Djokovic with 12,415 points and prize money of $8,911,411.
  2. Rafael Nadal with 7,945 points
  3. Roger Federer with 7,460 points

* Doubles ranking

  1. Juan Sebastian Cabal with 7,330 points

Robert Farah with 7,330 points

2. Mike Bryan 7,010 points

*First and second position was a tie with 7,330 points.

ATP Challenge Tour

Until 2008, ATP Tour was known as ATP Challenger Series. The 2nd highest level of the competition includes the challenger tour. The Association of Tennis Professionals also heads the challenger tour. In addition, all those players who earn good rankings points are entitled to a draw entry at ATP tour. Young tennis players who are passionate about the game are a part of the challenger tour and also all those who are interested in making their careers in professional tennis.


ATP Tennis- Men`s Professional Tennis

ATP is basically for men`s professional tennis. This association supports all those players who are interested in making their career in professional tennis. It organizes global tours for tennis players. It is a known body that governs and organizes the trip to give the players a worldwide recognition.

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