Ben Johns is a Professional Snowboarder

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Ben Johns is a professional snowboarder that was born and raised in New Hampshire. He was a co-founder of Never Summer Industries, started out as a pro snowboarder on the NORAM team, and now he’s the host of The Syndicate Show on NBC Sports Network

Ben Johns and His Beginning of snowboarding

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After racing motocross for years, Ben Johns decided to give snowboarding a try when he joined Joe Sexton’s army after high school. He quickly hopped on a board and his talent seemed to appear out of nowhere. His style was unlike anything I’d ever seen at the time and he developed a strong following pretty fast.

After his first winter riding mostly behind the boat, things took off really quick for him over the course of the next few seasons before everyone else caught up with him around 2003/2004 when big mountain freestyle started to take off worldwide. In 2005, he won several major Halfpipe events but he also got into filming by that time and it seemed like nothing could stop him!

Ben Johns and His Featuring outside the sports world

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He’s been featured in TransWorld Snowboarding Magazine, Vans’ “Off The Wall” series, Winter X Games XI & XII, ESPN Action Sports, Men’s Health Magazine, and more. In 2010 Ben Johns released his first book entitled “The Top 100 Things I Would Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord”.

In 2011 Ben Johns began working for Rocky Mountain Underground as a buyer and designer where he helped create custom products used by all-time greats Terje, Jeremy Jones, and Jamie Lynn.

New Creatives By Ben Johns

He was not only one of the first riders to do double corks but he also introduced all kinds of new and creative spins and grabs on top of that. Needless to say, he inspired a lot of people worldwide at the time which got him featured in several movies such as Capita’s “Attack The Mountain” movie as well as Absinthe Films’ “AfterForever”. A little later around 2006, his riding seemed to evolve even more when he started filming with Peepshow and this is where things took a turn for the worse. You see, after coming out with a few solid video parts over the years within various video productions, Ben, unfortunately, had some really bad luck during a trip to Japan.

Ben Johns and the Rest of his life

That particular powder day was the first one of the season, as Ben Johns was enjoying some early turns on a beautiful bluebird day in Niseko, we can only assume that something went wrong and that he hit a rock or something else hard enough to dislocate his shoulder. With this said and done, Johns’ snowboarding career seemed to be over after this incident and it’s really sad because I’ve always liked his style and he definitely had so much potential. He could have been one of the best riders out there but injuries such as these are very painful for everyone involved and it will take time until he recovers from this… But you know what they say: “You can’t keep a good man down!” … Nowadays, Ben Johns lives with his wife in Utah and spends most of his time on the mountain filming for various productions such as Absinthe, Snowstyle, and more.

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