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There are plenty of channels which air Sports Tennis News today. Moreover, one of the latest ones is about Rafael Nadal beating Jordan Thompson in the Paris Masters Quarter Finals. Furthermore, the scores were 6-1, 7-6. For the newbies, Rafael Nadal is a 20-time Grand Slam winner. Both played really well against each other. The chase for the title was close, as per Rafael Nadal. Moreover, this is Nadal’s 1000th career victory. The game was over in 31 minutes flat. However, Thompson had also put up a massive fight. This is just one of the top Sports Tennis News today.

ATP Rankings – Novak Djokovic Shock Over Defeat

Novak Djokovic, the Serbian tennis player, is nearing closer to Roger Federer each day. He remains at the top, in the tennis world. Moreover, he has now completed 293 weeks as the world’s best player. He is the Serb-17 Grand Slam winner who is always in the news. Novak Djokovic finishes at 11830 pts, as of November 2.

Furthermore, if the recent articles about Sports Tennis News are to be believed, Novak Djokovic’s daughter plans to take over her father. Daughter Tara styles him in new fashion, as per the latest photographs released in the media. Additionally, this is one of the best pictures to circulate on social media channels.

Latest COVID-19 Reports Of Tennis Stars

Simona Halep, the former No 1, has tested positive for Coronavirus. However, if her reports are to be believed, she is recovering well. Moreover, the Romanian star made the announcement on Twitter at the October end. She was thrown out after defeat from the French Open, just a month back. Furthermore, she is currently under home isolation. Her PR said that she is recovering well from the illness.

Best News Channels And Websites That Cover Sports Tennis News

There are a few channels that cover sports tennis news on a daily basis. Moreover, if you are a tennis fanatic, you must watch them. Furthermore, they are Tennis TV, ATPWorld Tour, andTennis Now, on YouTube. In fact, CNN also broadcasts the best authentic tennis news updates. Moreover, the top tennis news websites are ATP World Tour, which happens to be the official site for Men’s Professional Tennis. Furthermore, you can get the latest scores, live stats, rankings, player details as well as tournament details today.

Another coveted news website is Tennis Industry News. The Tennis Industry is the only magazine that covers the tennis sports industry. The Tennis Industry magazine gives huge coverage of the sports tennis news,business, equipment, all the apparel, and about racquets, racquetball, squash, and badminton. So, you should keep a watch on this website. If you are in the U.S. and running a tennis sports business, you should be getting this website on spot on your Android. There is another leader when it comes to tennis news. It is none other than Tennis X. Moreover, you can get in-depth information about the sport today. They have a huge number of followers on Facebook and Instagram.


Sports Tennis Newsseems to be the buzzword today. Games are now at the top sport amongst political and worldwide Covid-19 news. Everyone keeps an eye on tennis as a sport. Join the community of tennis and stay in touch with the nuances of the game. It is one of the best hobby times for sports fanatics today. Furthermore, you can even interact on social media with the stars on chat shows.

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