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table tennis equipment list

Table tennis is a very interesting sport and one of the popular games of the Summer Olympics. Though it looks similar to tennis, the two are certainly different and require different skills and accessories. And if you think one needs only a table, tennis, and a ball to play it, then you are wrong. Here is the complete table tennis equipment list that you will need to play the game smoothly. 

Table Tennis Equipment List


A man holding a racket

You cannot play the game with any ordinary ball, especially if you are serious about the game. But the ball weighs around 2.7 grams and has a 40 mm diameter. So it should be made of celluloid which looks like plastic. 

This helps in trapping the air making it super bouncy and easy to spin at different angles. Get a complete package so that you don’t feel the need to buy it again and again; it’s cheap, by the way. 


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The right kind of paddle or racket is very important. You will get two basic types in the market, pips-out and inverted. Inward facing pips (inverted) on paddles allow better control of the ball; on the other hand, pips-out are hard and have a rough texture. 

Both are good and improve a player’s grip and hit rate. 


Buy a booster for racket or paddle. It is a glue like substance that goes underneath the rubber and improves the elasticity of paddle rubber. However, if you are going for an ITTF competition, skip the boosters as they are illegal. Get table tennis glue instead. 

Cases For Paddles

Every player should have a nice pair of cases for paddles. This extra layer protects the racket and improves its life. Cases with foam inside are better as they prevent chipping of the paddle. Besides this, it also provides extra protection from environmental factors, so get a good one. 

Rubber Covers

Each part of the paddle requires protection, but some are necessary while others are optional. This one in the table tennis equipment list is optional. Rubber covers are just to protect the rubber from chipping, and they are cheap, so it won’t be a bad idea to get one. 


Tables for this game are not ordinary ones; they have standard height and width. One must know about these measures. However, the measurement remains the same for indoor and outdoor preferences. Typically it is 2.5 feet high, 5 feet wide, and the length should be 9 feet, but the use of materials and cost vary. 

Outdoor ones are best due to their ability to withstand environmental factors; hence they are more durable. On the other hand, indoor tables offer better gameplay. 

Net And Post

While buying a net, be wary of size as too long or too short can hinder the game. Get a 6 feet, 6 inches wide net. Also, check that it has an assembly in the middle for easy attachment with the table. The upper white portion should be 15 mm wide. 

Additional Accessories

Besides these, our table tennis equipment list also contains the right type of shoes, shorts, a shirt, and a table tennis robot to serve you balls. 

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