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In The Tennis Bible by Chuck Kriese you will learn how to be a tennis coach from the inside out. You will discover the secrets that many coaches do not know about. You will have the inside scoop on how professionals do their jobs and more. In essence, you will learn how to be a professional tennis coach from a pro’s point of view.

When you are reading a coaching tennis book by Chuck Kriese you will see that he is not just spinning your wheels on tactics and tips that simply don’t work. He knows what works and how to get results. He is willing to put himself in position to succeed, and he has done it. He is living proof that it really does take a good teacher to teach and to make it in this business. This book is not for the person looking to be an expert in any area of interest. It is for the person who wants to be a good coach.

An Overview

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One thing you will discover in the great book by Chuck Kriese is that he has coached many of the pros including Billie Jean King, Gary Player, Mike Tee, John Daley and Andy Murray. He knows how to get these great athletes to focus on becoming better not only in tennis, but in life. His knowledge of youth conditioning is unmatched and the techniques he teaches in the coaching tennis book and in coaching youth are effective.

A major theme of the coaching tennis book is speed and technique. Kriese not only looks at the players ability physically, but also at the mental aspect. He believes that if a player or team can harness their ability to move quickly and effectively they will be able to compensate for the natural talent or skill that may be lacking. The coaching philosophy is designed to help a coach to get the most from their players while allowing them to develop their own style and game plan.

Coaching Tennis Book Review

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The major part of the book is the “coaching tennis book”. This is a one-page guide that provides a coaching philosophy with detailed drills and tips on a variety of different subjects including stretching, warming up, stretching, and nutrition. Most of the topics are geared towards kids and teenagers, but some of them will work for younger players as well. This is an essential high school tennis parent’s guide for coaching youth.

I also like that the book discusses the mental aspects of the game as well. Many coaches are unaware of how strong or weak their own personal mental game is. Coaching Tennis with Chuck Kriese teaches you how to coach yourself so that you are strong mentally to compete against the best of the best. Also the drills are fun and not boring. They encourage you to move and work at your own pace. This helps the coach and player to relate better to each other and become more successful in their coaching efforts.

Another good thing about this book is that the authors include videos in it. There are several video clips from all of the US Open, Ladies Tennis tournaments, US Open quarter finals and the US Open final matches. There are also several training exercises that are presented step by step. The author bases his information on years of experience as both a coach and fitness instructor that have worked with some of the world’s best tennis players as well as a number of young tennis players.

Bottom Line

Overall I would say that the eBook is a good coaching manual for coaches of any level of ability. It does a good job of outlining the importance of attitude and how it can impact the results that you want from your tennis players. It also covers the mental aspect of the game, an area that many coaches either completely ignore or completely dismiss. Overall this is a good coaching guide for coaches of all ability levels and will help you be successful at whatever level you coach.

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