Coaching Tips Tuesday: How To Make Tennis Fun For Kids

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Know the Coaching Tips sometimes becomes a need to handle the hard stuff. However, teaching is a hard idea. Therefore the Coaching Tips for any subject can become handy in times. We are here to discuss the coaching tips for tennis.

Summers are fun. And most of it I spent coaching tennis. I worked as a tennis instructor for kids, age ten and under. They were students who took the small step to become tennis players.

Coaching Tip Tuesday: How To Make Tennis Fun For Kids
Coaching Tip Tuesday: How To Make Tennis Fun For Kids

Coaching Tips, Come Up With A Funny Game.

I saw many other coaches to camp with another game. That game somewhat was rediculous in-kind. The game named ‘Toliet Bowl Washer.’ However, the game came back every summer.

Know The Game Details Here Coaching Tips

The game constituted around six kids. They lined up in parallel line with the tennis net. The line they formed was a ranking order. The kid, in the end, was the ‘Toilet Bowl Washer.’ the kid came with the last rank. However, the kid standing at the beginning of the line came first. The adult supervisor tossed a ball to each of the kids. If the kid successfully caught the ball, they remained in the same position. However, missing the catch made them shift to the end of the line. Then the other kids with the adult supervisor would call the loser kid as ‘TBW.’

The rest of the kid whole the shift places as per the need.

The most exciting part of the game seemed the positions withing the 1st rank and the last one. However, the previous post was the predetermined position. Everybody knew the result of coming last. But the position in between changed now and then.

For instance, the kids who read the political news knew Joe Biden. They suggested let him lead the 1st position. While others preferred Katniss  Everdeen. For according to them, Katniss holds more supremacy in her character. However, the characters in between Katniss and Biden were argumentative. And the debate went for an indefinite time. The instructs, along with other players, waited for the discussions for ending. However, So that they could proceed with the game.

Just imagine a little girl screaming,’ I am Jame Lebron.’ This makes the boy next to her, miss the chance. And this makes the girl shift to his position.

However, With this experience, I conclude that this fun experience was good for the kids. They went home with the notion of tennis being fun. Therefore the time they played this game made them happy. Moreover making their tennis coachings fun.

Moreover, we can conclude that these are some simple steps.  With their incorporation, coaching for tennis can become fun. The next question is, how do you do that?

Coaching Tip Tuesday: How To Make Tennis Fun For Kids
Coaching Tip Tuesday: How To Make Tennis Fun For Kids

We Should Work Hard And Play Hard:

Well, as per my objectivity, make tennis lessons a fun game for the kids. A simple drill can become a fun game. Just ask them to count the shot they make. However, For instance, suppose you have several students on the court present. The kids with the maximum number of hits win. No prise can match the glory of winning a game.

However, the game changes a bit with a single student on the court. Ask the student to aim for a specific number of hits throughout the drill. Try thinking out of the box. It will become fun and exciting.

Make the coaching classes their time:

Working with children can give you stress.  The instructor is answerable to the issues the kids face in the coaching classes. Parents trust your guidance. They would love their kids to grow with the game and continue doing so.

For this focus in making the house plan as per the choice of the kids. That will make them come. Always ask the students to know their options and preferences. This way, you can surely make their coaching Tuesday classes fun.

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