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If you’re just getting started with tennis, you’ll want a tennis racket that’s light and pleasant to learn with. The three racquets you should consider are as follows. 

Head Ti S5 Comfort Zone

The Head Ti S5 Comfort Zone provides novice and intermediate level players with a remarkably smooth learning curve because of its tempting blend of features. The Ti S5 is ideal for learning and developing the art of topspin, thanks to its rapid feel and user-friendly level of power. This racquet should be seriously considered by dedicated beginners seeking to go to the next level. This is one of the best-value racquets on the market thanks to its low pricing.

Babolat Boost Aero

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The game is simple to learn with this agile point-and-shoot weapon. Even though it lacks the tremendous power of the previous two racquets, the great control allows you to keep the ball in play regardless of how big your swing is (think confidence). It’s also incredibly maneuverable, which will aid you in properly positioning and swinging the racquet. This beginning stick is difficult to beat because it comes pre-strung for around $100. Babolat Pure Aero

This racquet, which Rafael Nadal endorses, was designed for the modern game’s tornadic and angular mechanics. The speed with which this stick rips through contact is ideal for hitting spin loaded balls that drop hard and blast off the court. Although it is geared toward intermediate players, the Pure Aero crosses skill levels, making it suitable for both the serious novice and the seasoned pro looking for speed and spin.

Babolat Pure Drive

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The Pure Drive has become one of the most popular and versatile racquets ever created since its introduction more than 20 years ago. This racquet, like the Pure Aero, has an easy learning curve for practically any player who wants to swing big and load the ball with speed and spin. The Pure Drive is the undisputed king of light power frames, despite having inspired an army of clones. 


You have a fully developed game and a lot of experience playing competitive matches if you’re an advanced player. You’ll need enough mass to propel the ball firmly through the court or redirect higher levels of pace, in addition to picking a racquet that fits your talents.Our Adult Tennis Gift Set and Kids Tennis Gift Set are ideal for those who are new to tennis. These tennis packages come with everything you’ll need to get started in this fantastic sport. Our Tennis Essentials Gift Set is ideal for players of all abilities and is a fantastic way to kick off the new tennis season. We also suggest visiting the Wilson Tennis Blog, where you can learn how to choose a tennis racket, master Roger’s famous backhand, determine which string is best for your game, and much more.

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