Girls Tennis Coaching – Tips For Coaches

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Coaching high school girls to play tennis is no easy task. Many high school girls, who have an interest in playing tennis, do not have the knowledge and/or time to commit to a full-time tennis training program. However, if you are a coach of tennis for girls, you can easily help your female trainees. As a coach of tennis for girls, you can be a resource of information, get them motivated, provide motivation, and teach them about various tennis techniques. Here are some tips on how you can make tennis coaching for high school girls more effective.

High School Girls Tennis Coaching

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A lot of parents are afraid that letting their daughters play the sport of tennis will harm their developing muscles and bones. However, research shows that this is not true. Tennis is a sport that is very strenuous and doesn’t necessarily use up too much of your body’s resources. In fact, tennis players may spend most of the game resting, as they rarely hit the ball hard. Moreover, high school girls can easily focus on the game, as they have so many things to do during the day, such as taking a rest, studying, cooking, and chatting with friends.

Another question that some parents ask is whether girls develop a better mental focus as they play tennis. This is another common concern that coaches of tennis for girls face. You should know that the game involves thinking, so the mental game is just as important as the physical game. Girls can focus better and learn more about their game when they are not distracted by outside factors.

Things To Know

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Coaches of tennis for girls have to ensure that their trainee girls are practicing the right techniques to play the game well. This is because tennis is a racket game and requires lots of skills such as agility, endurance, and skill. A coach has to first determine what the girl needs to work on before she starts practicing. For example, if the girl is young and her reflexes are not perfect yet, the coach should teach her some tennis drills to improve her hand-eye coordination and reaction time.

In addition to teaching the player proper techniques, coaches of tennis for girls also need to find ways to test their skills. There are lots of ways to do this, which include observing the girl closely, asking questions about the game, and testing fitness and flexibility. In addition to these drills, there are numerous games that a coach should plan, such as reading books or watching TV programs about tennis and playing the game itself. The objective is to find out how well the girl is able to respond to the game’s requirements.

Important Consideration

Coaches of tennis for girls should be aware that the game requires the players to have good sportsmanship because it is a game that involves competing and cooperating with others. Therefore, girls should be taught how to be polite when they are playing and how to accept turns when needed. It is important for them to know how to accept help from their teammates even though they might not necessarily like it. For instance, when their opponent is winning the game, but they need a break to use a bathroom, the coach should let them have a ‘phone call’ to the other team.

Another important thing that all coaches of tennis for girls should remember is to treat the player with respect, no matter who they are. They must also be treated as part of the team, even though the games might be on different courts. This is important because tennis can sometimes be physically strenuous, especially for young girls. Girls should also learn to warm up properly before the games, as well as stretching and cooling down after. All of these preparations are very important for proper tennis coaching.

Final Words

Finally, there are many things that girls tennis coaching can teach. They can improve their tennis strokes and agility, increase their tennis fitness, improve their serves and forehands, work on their tennis mental skills, and of course, hone their tennis technique. These are all things that can help them improve their overall game. It might be beneficial for a girls tennis coach to know more about psychology in order to help their players improve. This is especially important if the player has a shy nature or is an introvert.

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