How To Hold The Ball For The Serve Toss?

How to Hold The Ball For The Serve Toss

The tennis serve is one of the most important shots in the game. In fact, effective and efficient serving gives the player an initial upper hand in the rally. Also, players love winning free points in the form of aces from great serving.  For correct serving, it is important to learn the basic technique on how to hold the ball for the serve toss.

Let’s learn those simple but highly utilitarian tips to hold the ball for service in this article.

Relax Your Body And Mind

This is the issue even many professional players face. When you hold the ball for a serving toss, many distracting things are going in your mind. As a player, you just need to be deceptive and pick the right tennis serve spot. Many players concentrate on the opponent, his court position, and fear of a net fault and much more when they hold the ball. These thoughts are nothing but distractions. 

As the great Pete Sampras used to say, ” the trick is to be aggressive on your first serve and effective on your second.” This will just come once you are relaxed. Even if you miss the first serve, unnecessary panic during the second one will just increase the chances of a double fault. So be ice cold like Bjorn Borg as you hold the ball and make your tennis serve a weapon and asset. 

The Ball: Hand Contact Point To Hold The Ball

It is one of the basic but decisive points to know in the art of tennis serve. Many budding players tend to grip the ball from the mid of the palm. This may sound easy but is not the correct technique. You should rather hold the ball from tips of your thumb and fingers. This will make tossing up the ball convenient and smooth.

The technique is, however, a bit difficult to master at the start. Players tend to lose the ball as they hold it from the tips. Once you practice it, you are now using the right technique and will have strong tennis serve. It improves the timing of the racquet contact of the ball. You will hit more first serves and aces compared to faults and loose serves. 

The Toss Up Hits

This is the most important part to know about the process of holding the ball and executing the tennis serve. Here are the set of instructions you need to take care of

  • Keep your elbow locked and the tossing arm straight. Don’t bend it while tossing the ball up. The ball would otherwise either be tossed very low of split out of your hand.
  • Release the ball once your tossing hand reached the height of your eye.  This will make sure the ball is not tossed too high or too low. The serve will thus neither hit the net nor land away from the lines.
  •  Hold your head straight while tossing the ball up. This means you are looking at the ball all the time. You will thus time your jump as well as a hit to perfection. Your tennis serves will be challenging for the opponent.

These are the basics you need to consider how to hold the ball and deliver the tennis serve. Do practice them and use the correct serving technique.

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