How To Improve A Tennis Serve Like Serena Williams?

How to Improve a Tennis Serve like Serena Williams

The serve is probably the most important shot in the tennis book. It sets the players up for a rally and gives them the initial upper edge. The great Serena Williams is known for having one of the best serves of all time in the women’s game. If you are a budding tennis starlet, you should also try to practice your serve to perfection. In this article, we tell you the secrets the will help you improve your tennis serve like Serena Williams. We also introduce you to the useful products that you can use to practice and perfect your serve.

Elastic Tennis Rubber Balls

There are tennis equipment is more important than the tennis ball to improve your tennis like Serena Williams. The premium quality ball made up of fiber, rubber, and wool is what you need along with the racket. You can then keep on practicing constantly and gradually improve your tennis serve like Serena Williams. Also, your service will be precise and perfect and you will throw a barrage of aces. 

The elastic tennis ball in very high quality and can be used for a long time. The wear and tear do not occur so easily and this means you can use it for long sessions of practice. As a budding tennis player you can also practice the serve solo will the help of this ball and a racket. Constantly keep firing more and more serves unless you get hold of the ball and jump timing. This is the most effective way to improve your tennis serve like Serena Williams. 

Standard Portable Tennis and Badminton Net

This is another great aid towards the journey to improve your tennis serve like Serena Williams. Once you have got the elastic tennis balls and the racket you will start basic hitting. One step up you will need to check the accuracy and timing of your services and other shots. This is where the portable tennis net plays an important role.

The standard size net is great in quality, easy to move and convenient to install. It is a wonderful tennis accessory that helps to improve your serve like Serena Williams. The material used is a high-quality cotton and fiber polypropylene thus ensures great quality and long life. It has a standard height that ensures you get an idea of how to serve without having more net faults and faults. You can use this in long hours of training and practice and notice the consequent difference. 

Here are the few tips about how to improve your serves like Serena Williams using these and other tennis products. 

  • Adjust your body in a relaxed posture and keep your head still. 
  • Your right foot should be parallel to the baseline with elbow locked in. 
  • Your left foot should point towards the net and ball held at fingertips.
  • Time your jump to perfection and make the ball contact with racket sweet spot.
  • Be decisive, deceptive and creative in your service and don’t let the opponent read your serve rhythm.
  • Add a lot of variety to your services as Kick serve, deuce court serves, add court serve, etc to ensure your service is versatile.
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