How To Lessen Cost Of Your Private Tennis

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In a recent article on The New York Times website, tennis star Serena Williams spoke candidly about her enormous tennis practice fees and how much she pays for each session. She talked about how the pay-per-use Tennis Smart software helped her manage her practice budget by allowing her to see how much she was spending and which racquets she could use to get the most enjoyment from each session. While many professionals make money playing tennis, the amount of money they earn is dependent on their ability and the effort they invest in their sport.

In response to a question from the article, I went online to do some research and found that there are a number of factors that go into determining your private tennis lesson cost. For example, if you are highly ranked and receive many coaching calls from coaches, you will naturally expect to pay more for each session. But your rank and reputation also play a large role. If you have never played well and don’t have a coach to rely on for training advice, you will have to figure your own practice budget based on those factors.

The Location Of Your Practice Facility

Other factors that affect the private tennis lesson cost include the location of your practice facility, the number of racquets you need to rent and the equipment you will need. While tennis courts are generally the same cost no matter where they are located, the cost of renting the racquets can vary by about ten percent. Also, the more complicated a racquet you need to rent the more it will cost. The last few years there has been an increase in squash court complexes that offer an array of equipment and services at affordable prices. It used to be the case that court managers charged $200 or more for a racket.

Another major factor that affects your private tennis lesson cost is the number of clients you have. If you are a beginner tennis player who has never played tennis before you are likely to be able to hire a teacher and get a private tennis lesson for about twelve dollars per hour. Hiring a teacher is the best way to learn tennis as they will be able to guide you to the correct techniques and teach you new ones. 

More Economical For You To Hire A Coach

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If you are a seasoned tennis player with years of experience, it may be more economical for you to hire a coach to watch your matches and give you advice on how to play your game. Coaches are available in all tennis playing conditions and in all skill levels. They will help you develop your tennis skills so that you improve each time you play and become a better tennis player.

When you are hiring a private tennis lesson provider, be sure to check their reputation and previous records. You want to ensure that they have qualified teachers who are able to instruct you well. A qualified and experienced teacher is more likely to help you improve your game than someone who does not have a lot of experience teaching.

You Can Teach Yourself Or If You Need To Hire A Tutor

Another way that you can reduce your private tennis lesson cost is to find out if you can teach yourself or if you need to hire a tutor. Some people can teach themselves how to play tennis and some people may need to hire a tutor to teach them. If you do decide to teach yourself how to play tennis then you should make sure that you practice as often as possible so that you improve your game on a daily basis. Tennis lessons are expensive and if you are serious about becoming a professional tennis player then you should seriously consider taking a private lesson.

If you decide to take private tennis lessons then there are a few things that you can do to reduce the cost of them. Ask your coach or teacher if you can try their technique or modification on your own as this could save you money. Do not let your focus pull you away from the real purpose of taking the tennis lessons in the first place. Practice as much as you can, don’t let other tennis players or coaches tell you that you cannot practice as much as you want.

Final Words 

The last thing that you should do before you sign up for a private tennis lesson is to compare prices of different tutors or coaches. Prices vary considerably between different tennis schools and you could be saving yourself lots of money if you go around looking for different coaches or tennis classes that offer lower prices. In addition to this, you may be able to ask for a discount if you sign up for an entire package including tennis lessons, tennis clothes and equipment.

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