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jannik sinner

Jannik Sinner (22) is the creator of Sanctorium, which was founded in early 2003. Following on from his first experiences with making music on an AIMP2 synthesizer, he became interested in creating compositions using sounds created by drum loops and samples. After becoming more experienced in terms of workmanship, he started recording songs onto a voice recorder until he successfully managed to create his own home studio. Jannik is very much into classic heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden or Judas Priest but also likes the sound of modern metal bands like Darkane, Hypocrisy, or Nevermore. He writes all his lyrics himself since they are based on personal experience. His style varies from traditional speed metal songs through mid-tempo rhythms to slower, more atmospheric passages.

Jannik sinner first band and His music knowledge

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Jannik’s first band was “Rock-O-Rama” which he founded with two friends of his without any musical experience. He had the idea to start this project together with them since they were all fans of hard rock and occasionally played air guitar duos in their daydreams like Van Halen or Iron Maiden. They wrote some songs together but didn’t play any live shows because it was clear right from the beginning that Jannik would soon take over responsibility for the lyrics as well as singing them himself. After one year of working on his own, he felt like creating an official band which was called “Sanctorium”.

Jannik sinner represented music in sanatorium

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The style of lyrics is set to epic/drama metal, which means that the songs mostly contain long stories with dreamy melodies and dramatic keyboards. Other bands like Rhapsody (of Fire) or Iced Earth correspond quite well to this description. The style of music can be described as “epic heavy metal” since there are different tempi within one song ranging from slow balladesque passages to fast up-tempo parts. There also exist some mid-tempo songs which consist mainly of double bass drum pedals (Iron Maiden). Jannik tries to avoid using modern metal elements like trash riffs or blast beats at all costs because he thinks that this music style has become extremely commercialized. So it’s fair to say that Sanctorium goes for a kind of metal that has slowly but surely had more and more influence on European bands (Nightwish, Xandria).

Jannik Sinner Lyrics

Jannik Sinner tries to keep his lyrics as personal as possible. Themes like depression, loneliness, or relationships can be found in almost every song. If he was not able to express his feelings in one song, he starts all over again with another one until finally finding words that represent the mood he tried to put across musically best. His lyrics also include historic topics such as “Bloody Revenge” or his concept album called “The Forsaken”. Here the lyrics are put into an epic medieval atmosphere and deal with far-fetched characters such as heroes, kings, or wizards.

Reason to found a band together with Jannik Sinner friends

As mentioned before, Jannik founded “Rock-O-Rama” due to his friendship with the other two musicians. They were all interested in playing metal songs and trying them out on their instruments. This first project could be considered as a kind of music education because after one year they started writing their own material which had become far more serious than just jamming along to cover versions of international bands.

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