Junior Tennis Lesson Tips To Become A Pro At The Game

junior tennis lesson

If you are just getting started with a game like tennis, you already know that it will not be a joke. You need to have a proper technique and improve your consistency so that there is a learning acceleration. There is a complex set of movements that you need to talk about, and it will also help build the player’s confidence. Try to follow the essential junior tennis lesson tips so that you and your kids can grow as a player and promote from being a beginner. There are complex expressions and concepts in which you can gain expertise, and you will be able to feel the changes.

Do The Warm-up

A man holding a racket

Even before starting the gameplay, you have to start with the warm-up so that your body is prepared for the sport. You have to teach the tennis players how to run the tennis court lines, and therefore you can have a complete drill. You will like this session for two different reasons. It will be a great opportunity to point out the names for the lines of tennis courts, and you will be able to refer to them during the actual gameplay. 

The Frying Pan

A hand holding a racket on a court

Did you know that even when you are getting started with the basics, you will need to have hand-eye coordination, and therefore, you have to start practicing the frying pan? For example, most expert players will tell you to put the ball on the racket and keep on dribbling it just like you would do with an omelet and a frying pan. It will help you develop the sense of touch and how strong or weak the force on the tennis ball should be. Once it starts bouncing, you have to keep it bouncing for as long as You possibly can. 

The Dribble

The next session is to understand the upside-down version of the frying pan. Just like you, by hitting the ball, you have to hit it on the ground and start living with it. It is quite similar to doing it with the help of a basketball, and the only difference is that you will be doing it with a tennis ball and racquet. It would be best if you continued hitting it until and unless there is consistency in the dribble. 

Simple Forehand And Backhand

Once you have completed the things that we have already mentioned, you will slowly see progress in hand-eye coordination. Now it’s time for you to go some further, and you have to position yourself for forehand and backhand practices. You should be able to stand in front of the wall and keep on bouncing the ball towards the wall. As soon as it comes back, you have to start practicing the forehand and backhand techniques. Along with that, you have to keep on moving your feet and tracking the wall with your eyes. Also, you can make a split step and judge the ball speed, depth, and span.


Now that you know about the essential junior tennis lesson tips, you should move on with practice along with your opponents. 

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