Kids Tennis Racket: How To Choose The Best

Kids Tennis Racket: How To Choose The Best

Tennis is the most preferred pastime sport for kids of all time. Is your kid a fervent tennis player. Has your young one outgrown his kid’s tennis racket? Are you in dire need to purchase a kid’s tennis racket? 

3 Best Tennis Rackets In accordance To The Age Group:

With the increasing demand and supply of tennis rackets, it is quite challenging to choose the right one. You can get confused with the brand and style. Here is a simplified guide that helps you through your purchase.

How To Choose A Kids Tennis Racket
How To Choose A Kids Tennis Racket

1. The Tennis Racket For Kids Aged 6-7 Years:

  • The approximate size of the tennis racket is preferred to be about 23 inches. For a child who is learning to play tennis, a beginner’s tennis racket is the best. 
  • The beginner’s racket is a lightweight model with a large head and small, proper grip. These features help your tiny one to hold a good grip and swing well in connection to the ball.
  • Although its best preferred to have a 21-inch racket, the 23-inch racket is also appropriate. This slightly lean and long model will give your child the space to learn. 
  • The Head Instinct is the one that fits perfectly to the specifications. It has a three ¾-inch grip length, which is moderate for your tiny one. It also weighs comparatively less than those Wilson junior rackets.

2. The Tennis Racket For Kids Aged 8-10 Years:

  • The kid’s tennis racket for 8-10 years recommends a 25 inches racket. This racket is best suited for those who’ve been taking classes for a while now. 
  • Once mastered the basics of tennis, your kids start to develop power and spin. So, you would want a large head that hides the errors thrown. Also, your child can handle the average racket size.
  • The Babolat AeroPro Drive is the most preferred tennis racket for a primary kid. This racket provides a proper baseline, giving Rafael Nadal feel.
  • This model design is in a way that your child feels competitive enough. Also, it gives the kids more accurate and heavy shots.
How To Choose A Kids Tennis Racket
How To Choose A Kids Tennis Racket

3. The Tennis Racket For Kids Aged 10-12 Years:

  • The average size preferred for an advanced junior kid is a 26 inches racket. In addition to your child’s height and weight, the transition to an adult size racket sees permission.
  • Your child can also use a junior racket (also said to be pretty cheaper). The junior rackets throw a pretty great control, power, and spin.
  • The Wilson Juice 26 is the most preferred and best-selling advanced junior racket. They are smaller and lighter versions of an adult racket. 
  • The Wilson Juice 26  also has a 16×15 string pattern. This pattern helps you to provide a high spin. It also sees an increase in the power of the full beam.
  • The handling of the vast technology increases and betters the impact on vibrations. This racket is the best choice in terms of a competitive player. Those kids not ready for the adult version of rackets prefer The Wilson Juice 26.
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