Know What College Tennis Coaching Positions Entail

college tennis coaching positions

Getting the job of a college tennis coach comes with a lot of responsibilities. You need to have specific skills and requirements to be an ideal tennis coach. You’ll need to not only coach students as a group, but also individually. You’ll also organise various training programs based on your students’ level of skills. You’ll then evaluate their performance and determine the best course for improvement. We thereby discuss what you should know about college tennis coaching positions.

Responsibilities Of A College Tennis Coach

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Among the responsibilities of a college tennis coach include; ensuring that equipment is in optimum working conditions, evaluating students’ performance, coaching your students on various tennis strategies to employ and the art of sportsmanship. Specifically, you will:

Help students develop their tennis skills;

Evaluate students’ skills, recognise aspects needing improvement and lay down clear plans for improvement;

Plan and conduct training sessions, both individually and in groups;

Come up with programs based on students’ age, skills, and personal objectives;

Coach students in sportsmanship and different tactics to employ in games;

Develop programs suitable for the younger students or beginners to easily learn;

Identify personal development of each student, and come up with coaching styles that each student will adapt to easily;

Provide a secure and safe environment for students to learn and be productive;

Attend students’ tennis matches, tournaments, then access them as required;

Schedule meetings with guardians and parents to update them on the development curve of your students.

Requirements Needed To Be A College Tennis Coach

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To be an effective college tennis coach, you need to have the appropriate knowledge of tennis tactics, and different coaching styles. You should be able to administer first aid if needed. You should also be passionate, energetic, and have the effective motivation skill. You should be able to effectively communicate, organise, and solve problems for your students.

To qualify for the job, you need to have the following qualifications:

A degree in sport’s related fields; preferably Physical Education, or Sports Management;

An experience working as a Tennis Coach or Instruction;

Wide knowledge of various coaching styles;

Knowledge of first aid and its application;

The skill to easily motivate students;

Ability to easily relate and communicate with students and parents or guardians;

Appropriate certification from United States Professional Tennis Association, USPTA or Professional Tennis Registry, PTR;

Be energetic and passionate for the game.


Looking to be a college tennis coach comes with its requirements and responsibilities. You need to possess some skills to be effective as a coach. From appropriate certification or degree, to first aid and motivation skills, you need to possess some requirements. Hence, you should know what college tennis coaching positions entail.

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