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When it comes to the latest tennis news, you really have to hand it to Roger Federer. He has been on the forefront of every major development in the sport of tennis. Whether he is serving for his country or not, the man known simply as Roger has single handedly changed the game forever. Not only did he defeat Pete Sampras in the US Open, he has also become the first man to hold the Grand Slam trophies of the French and Wimbledon. Now that seems rather hard to surpass, doesn’t it?

So, if Roger is a constant thorn in the side of every man’s favorite player, one has to wonder what else he is doing to stay in the public eye for so long. One could go all out on attempting to figure out the motivations behind Roger’s staying in the game for so long. The more we analyze the man, the more we realize that he is doing what it takes to be the best. Here are some of the latest tennis news notes that shed some light on this issue.

An Overview

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Perhaps the most telling aspect of Roger’s staying power is that he is seemingly unafraid of challenges. The latest tennis news reports show that Roger is not panicking about the possibility of having to face Andre Agassi in the US Open final later this year. In fact, he is quite prepared for the challenge, having spent considerable time practicing against the Frenchman at the Le Golfing Lodge in St. Thomas. And even if it were to come to that, Roger is confident that he would come out on top.

Apparently, the biggest surprise of the day was seeing Roger walk out of the court at the Arthur Hills Tennis Center wearing something a bit less traditional than the socks he usually wears. Apparently, the latest tennis news reports say that the big tennis star was wearing a turtleneck over a dark polo shirt. He looked simply great, and he certainly appeared to be relaxed and happy.

Latest Tennis News About Serena Williams

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It was not just the turtleneck that caught the eye of the media and fans, however. Roger’s decision to wear the black-hooded blazer that Dietrich Knopfler made famous was another sign of his personality. The big name in sports apparel has finally made the move into the latest tennis news.

There was no way Jo-Wilfred Tsonga could let by go of his first place finish in the French open and the Swiss open in St. Thomas was going to be no easy challenge. But, after losing the first set six times and winning the other two, things looked like they might really be Roger’s day. However, Novak Djokovic quickly proved that age really is no excuse for defeat, winning his second set and setting the final stage for a grandstand finale. Roger had to sit down and think about what went wrong in the first set, and what he could have done differently to help turn things around. He finally came up with a list which included a few small changes to his game and how the break all of this had effected his preparations for the fortnight.

While most players wait until the weekend to make changes to their game plan, Roger seemed to be in a big hurry. He was obviously nervous before the match, but after hearing the latest tennis news, he may well have been feeling good. There is no doubt that the injuries sustained by Kim Clijsters and Serena Williams are going to be a huge talking point through the rest of the tournament. Serena was stretchered off the court following the sixth game, and Roger will have to make sure that she is okay. There were conflicting reports as to whether she had an ankle injury or a back injury, and while there were some who suggested that she had pulled a muscle, others pointed out that it was simply soreness from carrying too much weight on her leg.

In The End

When you follow the latest tennis news, you will also discover that both players have received a dose of good news surrounding their respective matches. Kim Clijsters is set to face Garforth Park in the quarter finals, after winning her opening set at the Australian Open. Serena Williams was injured in the same match, but she has since recovered and looks in good form in Melbourne. Both players are favourites in their respective pools, and the pressure will be on them to perform to the best of their ability on the day.

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