Mini Tennis Coaching For Junior Tennis Players

junior tennis coaching

You are probably aware that the tennis world is dominated by men, which has been the case for many years, and you also realise that it is a man’s game. Therefore, when your kids start to play tennis, they are going to be joining a team where there is only one woman, so how can they cope?

Things That You As A Parent Can Do

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There are some things that you as a parent can do in order to assist your children in becoming successful junior tennis coaching professionals. The first thing that you should do is to get them involved in as many different activities as possible. This will allow them to develop a wide variety of skills and they will be much stronger overall because they have more to choose from. Another thing that you can do is to get them involved in activities that they enjoy. It is always important to make your kids enjoy whatever it is they are doing because this will help them to excel at whatever sport they are competing in.

There are many different options open to you if you want to be involved in junior tennis coaching juniors. One of the best avenues to take your children is to get them involved with the development of tennis courts. There are some incredible schools out there that offer tennis courts for juniors to practice on. These tennis courts are usually created by schools around the country so you can be sure that you child will love to play on these courts and they will also have fun watching other kids play.

Junior Tennis Coaching Programme At Your Home

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You can also arrange to have a junior tennis coaching programme at your home so that you can be even closer to your children than you would if they were in a group coaching programme with other kids. Mini red tennis courts are something that has become increasingly popular with parents who want their kids to improve their tennis skills, so when they go out with their tennis buddies, their first choice should always be tennis courts. You can even set up a mini red tennis court at your home so that your kids have one more outlet for their energy.

The downside of mini-court coaching is that it is very hard to motivate juniors to play well because they will see all of their friends’ winning and feel like they do not belong to the same group as them.

Designed For The More Adventurous Juniors

Junior tennis coaching programmes can also be designed for the more adventurous juniors. A lot of parents love teaching their kids about the basics of the game, but they hate to watch their juniors struggle to hit the ball back and forth. You can teach these talented young players about basic tennis techniques by having a ball coaching session for the kids.


If you want to use mini tennis coaching for younger children, you should start with the kids who are the most talented. For example, if you have two kids playing the green ball, you could start with the junior girls and move on to the boys once they have become advanced. As the kids work on their swings and drives the green ball around the court, yell “green” when they hit it. When the junior player runs out of breath to hit the red ball, yell “red”. This will motivate the young players to continue to work on their swings, which will translate into power hitting and a higher score.

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