Sports News Today Tennis And Squash And More – The Recent Decisions And The Wins

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Sports have become a part of our lives with the participation of children in sports increasing consistently. Some of us are still focused only on one or two popular sports while there are other sports that have garnered International attention like squash and badminton. In this article, we have discussed some of the popular tournaments and news and some tips you would like to know about.

Recently Completed Tournaments

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National Bank Open was one of the recent Tennis tournaments. It is happening in the second and third week of August with finals yet to be conducted. The fans are expecting the results with full enthusiasm. More about the popular squash tournament that happened in 2019 has been discussed below.

CIB PSA Women’s World championship from 24th Oct- 1st Nov and it was won by Egyptian Player Nour El Sherbini. She is a four-time championship holder and holds second place in the squash international women’s ranking list.

PSA Men’s World Championship from 8th – 15th Nov and it won by Ali Amr Farag, an Egyptian player. He has won two consecutive championships and holds first place in the squash international men’s ranking list.

International Squash Classic 2019 tournament from 28th Nov – 1st Dec. It was won by Tomotaka Endo, a Japanese Squash Player, and ranked as a No.1 squash player in Japan. In women’s criteria Aifa Azman, a Malaysian squash player won the gold medal.

South Asian Games from 30th Nov – 11th Dec has squash in it. In men’s criteria, Pakistan won the gold medal and India as a runner-up and in women’s criteria, India won the gold medal and Pakistan won the silver medal.

Recent News in Squash World And Tennis

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After Andrew Ashley stood down from the CEO position of WSF in June 2019, the WSF appointed its new CEO William Louis-Marie on Nov 28, 2019. He has a successful track record in many sports companies. 

Egypt has dominated the World Squash Tournaments since 1999. In Dec 2019, it won the 15th championship of the World Team Championships of both men and women.

Need For Sports 

Sports is more of a need for every individual to learn so many skills starting from time management to frame in competitive strategies to discipline. It is advisable that you enroll your kid in sports when they are on the learning curve of their life so that they learn an effective skill for themselves. You will never know how good they are in one particular sport until you enroll them.


We hope the information provided above helps to gain more knowledge about squash and tennis. If you are interested in badminton and similar sports, you might want to try squash and gain more skills in the same. The same is with tennis and all of these sports help you get good physical strength especially in the upper body and will keep you fit with all the workout.

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