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Best Tennis Rackets: Selecting The Best Tennis

Best Tennis Rackets

Let’s discuss about the best tennis rackets.

The Hardships Of Professional Tennis

Injuries: Hardships of professional tennis

The road to professional tennis may be highly rewarding but it is also challenging. Apart from playing the tiring and draining tennis matches, players have to accept painful defeats at times. This may be heartbreaking as the sport can be ruthless at times. There is also the long and exhaustive season which might tire you […]

Andy Murray: Tennis Legend Aiming A Comeback

Andy murray

The former world number 1 Andy Murray has been missing from the Men’s game for the most of last 3 years. The Brit superstar suffered a hip injury in late 2017 and had a consequent surgery. The road back to the tour has however not been so smooth for the 2016 Wimbledon champion. We look […]

Monica Seles: An Unfortunate But Remarkable Career

Monica Seles

Monica Seles was one of the most talented and graceful female tennis stars to pick up a racket. The left-hander born in Yugoslavia had a remarkable 19-year long tennis career that consistent highs and lows, agonies and ecstasies. She won a total of 53 singles career titles which also consisted of 9 Grand Slams. Seles […]

Male Tennis Stars Who Couldn’t Win French Open

Male Tennis Stars Who Couldn’t Win French Open

The French Open is often referred to as the elusive slam in tennis. The slow clay of Roland Garros gives a physical and mental challenge to players and is very hard to conquer. It is thus rightly said that clay doesn’t care for champions except for Rafael Nadal. We bring to you the great tennis […]

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