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Tennis Lessons For Beginners – Complete Guide

Tennis Lessons For Beginners

Stances decide your timing of hitting the ball, in this move you put the load on your feet before you hit the ball. There are four different stances used and they are neutral, close, open, semi-open.

Kids Tennis Racket: Choose A Tennis Racket

Kids Tennis Racket

Let’s discuss about the kid’s tennis racket.

White Tennis Skirt: Unique And Beautiful Dress

White Tennis Skirt

Let’s discuss about the white tennis skirt.

Top 7 Worst scammers In The History Of Sports

In the various aspects of life, be it relations, professional athletics, or board games, there is no individual who likes a deceiver. Cheaters rob the fun aspect and the competitive essence out of every single thing. At times when we are hit by memories of an individual who was cheating, our blood starts heating up. […]

Tennis Tips For Young Tennis Players

Tennis Tips for Young Tennis Players

Tennis is one of the most liked sports in the world. The ATP and WTA tours have great excitement which inspires young talents to aim to become professional tennis players. However, the road to pro tennis and its journey has many great challenges. Young tennis players who want to excel in the game need to […]

Andy Murray: Tennis Legend Aiming A Comeback

Andy murray

The former world number 1 Andy Murray has been missing from the Men’s game for the most of last 3 years. The Brit superstar suffered a hip injury in late 2017 and had a consequent surgery. The road back to the tour has however not been so smooth for the 2016 Wimbledon champion. We look […]

Great Tennis Players: How They Keep Winning At Every Age

Great Tennis Players: How they keep winning at Every Age

One of the best qualities in the game of tennis is longevity and fitness. Great tennis players are not a one-season wonder. They display great consistency and passion for the game. Famous players are willing to improve their all shots, their overall game, and their fitness to enhance their career. Here is why these well-known […]

Important Tips For Young Tennis Players

Important Tips for Young Tennis Players

Many young players want to have a great professional tennis career. The game has become truly global in recent decades with popular players being treated like celebrities everywhere. The sport also has rich financial dividends as most tennis tournaments offer a huge amount of prize money. However, the road to pro tennis is long and […]

Most Successful Tennis Coaches

Most Successful Tennis Coaches

Tennis may appear to be a singular game in the sense that it is all about players on the court. The sport also does not allow on-court coaching. Any exchange of worlds or gestures between the player and the coach calls for a warning from the umpire. However, behind the scenes, the coaches play a […]

Male Tennis Stars Who Couldn’t Win French Open

Male Tennis Stars Who Couldn’t Win French Open

The French Open is often referred to as the elusive slam in tennis. The slow clay of Roland Garros gives a physical and mental challenge to players and is very hard to conquer. It is thus rightly said that clay doesn’t care for champions except for Rafael Nadal. We bring to you the great tennis […]

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