Tennis Backhand: Backhand Grip Style

Tennis Backhand: Backhand Grip Style

Tennis backhand is one of the most popular and main shots in tennis. However, it is weaker when compared to forehand in tennis. Probably it is practiced at the least in tennis technique. So, the method must be improved by frequent repetition, and also the practice time is a must to increase. You can make the shot stronger than getting them fall weak, so focus on the right shot.

Tennis Backhand: Backhand Grip style
Tennis Backhand: Backhand Grip style

Backhand- Types Of Strokes

There are two different strokes in the backhand. 

  • Two-handed backhand
  • One-handed backhand

Using two-handed or one-handed stroke in the backhand, they have some necessary steps to follow. 

Two-Handed Backhand Stroke

Many professionals and famous players use this technique. Usually, the players use this stroke has a winning weapon.

  • Grip: While executing this technique, the players try to use different grip styles. The left hand should focus on the eastern forehand grip if you are right-handed. And the right hand should focus on the continental grip.
  • Body turn: In the initial stage, your body faces the net with the help of your feet. Also, holding the racquet with both hands is a must. The players have there 
  • Backswing: Compact backswing or a loop backswing is being applied by the professional players mostly. During the initial stage, make a split position and take the racquet back and then it should be turned sideways and move a step forward with your foot. 
  • Downswing: Transfer your body weight to the front leg. 
Tennis Backhand: Backhand Grip style
Tennis Backhand: Backhand Grip style


  • It has more power and topspin.
  • It is more consistent.
  • Easy and quick preparation.


  • It has a shorter reach.

One-Handed Backhand Stroke 

The players do not most popularly use this technique. But the player named Roger Federer to follow this stroke has a weapon to win the play.

  • Grip: The grip should be given based on the execution you want to achieve. The eastern backhand technique is used for generating the topspin. It is applied in the one-handed backhand.
  • Body Turn: Grip is the player’s choice. However, hold the racquet with both your hands at this stage. Your body should face the net and also your feet.
  • Backswing: At this stage, check your feet, whether it is facing the net because your feet must face the loss. Backhand should be executed by moving your right foot forward. Also, this position will help you to stay in a sideways view. While swinging your racquet, it also helps you move in forward and upward direction.
  • Forward Swing: Your legs, arms, and body should move in the forward and upward direction, and it generates the power of the speed and velocity. In this stage, focus the ballpoint. When the ball is approaching, you to be ready to take your left hand from the racquet and after that swing forward. As soon as you hit the ball, it creates the brushing effect. Also, it produces topspin. Moreover, you can add more power to the topspin.


  • It is easier to reach the range and also easy to use the net.
  • Even difficult shots are easy to hit.


  • It is less consistent and less precise.
  • Less topspin.
  • It usually takes more time to prepare.
  • It also has less power.
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