Tennis Balls Used In Grand Slams

Tennis Balls Used In Grand Slams

Many well-known sports brands manufacture the balls used in tennis matches and tournaments. The 4 Grand Slams having varying playing surfaces use a different type of balls that are specific to the court surfaces. Above all, every slam has its sponsor for the balls used in matches. In a professional tennis match, the balls are used for 7 to 9 games, depending upon the length and intensity of each rally. In this article, we tell you about the popular tennis balls that are used in the Grand Slams. 

French Open: Babolat Tennis Balls 

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Babolat is a very famous brand for tennis and many other sporting accessories. It manufactures the popular tennis balls used at Roland Garros championships every year. This partnership between the French Open authorities and Bablot started in 2011. Before that, the balls used there were manufactured by another famous brand Dunlop was used in the clay major.  

The popular tennis balls used on clay courts bounce slightly more than on the other surfaces. They also travel a bit slower since the red dirt is known to be the slowest surface for playing tennis. In season 2020 the Roland Garros championships have been rescheduled from June to September due to the Corona-virus Pandemic. 

Wimbledon: Slazenger Balls 

Talking Balls: Slazenger's Long And Illustrious Association With ...

The grass-court major is the oldest tournament in the game. Wimbledon uses the very popular tennis balls of English manufacturing brand Slazenger. The two have a more than 100-year-old partnership as Slazenger is providing Wimbledon balls since 1902.  The Wimbledon authorities have certain specifics for the popular tennis balls being used in the tournament.

The balls must have a diameter of two and a half inches and must bounce around 55 inches on concrete when thrown from 100 inches height. The weight of a typical ball used at Wimbledon should be 2 ounces. It also needs to be treated with Hydrogaurd, which is a water barrier against the frequent rain of London.  In 2020, the Wimbledon championships were canceled due to tennis suspension as a result of COVID19. 

Wilson Tennis Ball: Australian And US Open 

For U.S. Open Ballpersons, The Ball's In Their Court : NPR

Wilson is one of the biggest names not only in popular tennis balls but many other important accessories. The US Open uses Wilson balls of two categories, the extra duty ones for men and regular duty for women.  These balls are made to ensure that they withstand the high amount of wear and tear on the hard courts. The US Open is the last major of a regular tennis calendar, played in September. It was earlier played on clay and grass courts. Since 1977, it has shifted to the hard courts. 

The popular tennis balls used in the Australian Open are also made by the Wilson brand. They are in most ways similar to the ones the US Open uses. The Australian Open balls need to have extra durability as courts in Melbourne Park are faster. In 2020 Novak Djokovic and Sofia Kenin became the singles champion in Australia. It is the only slam conducted so far in this season. 

These are the popular tennis balls used in the 4 Grand Slam events. We hope that you found this article interesting and enriching.

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