Tennis Coaching Activities – Help The Students Get Their Game Better

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Tennis is a racket sport that is played by people all over the world. It can be played individually or with two players in one team. Tennis is a sport that is played as a tournament in many national and international sporting events and games. Tennis is often learned by professionals. They are also known as coaches. A tennis coach teaches basic techniques on how to play the sport and guides them to play wisely and correctly. Some many drills and exercises are needed to be taught to a beginner. A tennis coach teaches them all. Some of the tennis coaching activities taught by coaches include the following.

Tennis Coaching Activities – Dribbling

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A coach should start by teaching the beginners the basics of tennis. This includes dribbling. It is the first exercise that should be learned. The dribbling drill mostly focuses on improving hand-eye coordination. Dribbling is associated with holding the tennis racquet in forehand grip and dribbling the tennis ball in a way that the ball bounces in the same place. One can master it by practicing every day. The quickness and the length of the time can be increased with practice which is beneficial for a player during a tennis match as it increases the focus of the player between the serves. 

Tennis Coaching Activities – Strengthening Drills

Strengthening the muscles of the arms is essential for tennis players. As more groundstrokes are increasing due to developing racket and string technology, a player faces more strain on wrists and arms. To prevent severe injuries in muscles surrounding joints in the arms, one needs to build strength in those muscles. One can start with basic drills by throwing tennis balls, then further graduating into baseballs and footballs. This also helps in gaining power.

Tennis Coaching Activities – Groundstroke Drills

In this kind of drill, the coach throws the tennis ball towards the player’s forehand. The player needs to catch the ball after one bounce and then throw it back. The coach will again toss it to the backhand in which the player once again catches it and throws it back. As the drill continues, the distance and speed with which the ball is thrown increases. Once the player learns the motion of the tennis strokes and side steps down, a tennis racquet can be used to hit the tennis balls instead of catching and throwing them. The coach can also set up a ball machine on the other side of the court and feed the balls for the throw. While practicing, time the split step with each shot. The groundstroke drill helps in learning the basic tennis techniques. 


These activities help a sports player in gaining an edge towards the sport and also improving speed, agility, and hand movements while playing tennis. In order to improve your gain you should focus on the strategies that will help you improve and you should be focusing on the Expectations of the coach and get all the guidance you need before your big day. 

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