Tennis Coaching Kids Techniques

tennis coaching kids

Coaching is an interesting job in the sporting world. If there is someone who knows tennis, then they are a coach. Coaches usually manage several sports at a time. The role of a coach is to give techniques and tips that are needed for each sport, while maintaining individuality and uniqueness in each child.

Most people think that tennis coaching kids is all about teaching skills, tactics, and strategies. However, this is not always the case. Coaches need to have great patience in order to learn how to properly coach their students. Their role involves more than just teaching techniques, although this is what it usually takes care of.

Create A Rapport

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The initial thing a coach should do is create a rapport with their students. They should be able to create an open and honest communication between them and the coach. They should also encourage their students to talk and ask questions. By doing so, the student will feel that the teacher is supporting him or her, which is a good thing. The student will be more willing to learn tennis if he or she feels that others are supporting him or her.

Once the students get used to the idea of working and playing tennis, it would be best for the coach to teach them the basics of tennis. They can start off by introducing the serves, forearms, backhand and footwork. The best thing for beginners to learn first is tennis serve, backhand and footwork, as these are the basics needed to be a good tennis player.

Keep A Record Of The Skills

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A good tennis coach should also keep a record of the skills of their players. After every game, the coach should make a note of which skills were learned well and which weren’t. There might be things that children are still unaware of, which is the reason why it is important to write down everything. In addition, when the children get discouraged at losing a game, the coach should let them know that they have the ability to play again. With a positive attitude, tennis coaching kids will be able to get rid of all their bad habits and develop their skills in tennis.

Aside from teaching them how to hit the ball and volley, tennis training for kids should also include different tennis drills. It would be helpful to train them on the proper techniques in hitting tennis balls. Aside from this, they will also learn how to handle their racket with their dominant hand. This is essential because some children may find it hard to hit a ball with their dominant hand. Also, they will be taught how to position themselves properly in order to swing better. Learning tennis drills will be beneficial to the children, as well as to the coach.

Final Words

Another tennis coaching kids technique that you can use is to hold a tennis lesson with your kids. You can do this by having a private lesson with them. You can ask them to practice certain tennis strokes while you monitor them every so often. This will help them improve their skills on their own and will make you feel good about them. The best thing about doing lessons with your kids is that you will not need to spend a lot of money in order to do it.

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