Tennis Court Maintenance Equipment And Strategies You Should Learn About

tennis court maintenance equipment

Moss and algae destroy the area around the tennis court and therefore proper maintenance equipment is required for the restoration of the surface. Surface cracks, damage, improper drainage, algae, mold, mildew, birdbaths, and several other reasons result in damaging the tennis court area. The area becomes slippery and hard to play with for people. Tennis is a racket sports game that was first played in the 19th century in United Kingdom, England. The game can be played individually on in teams and requires a tennis ball and a ground area where the sport is played. Tennis court maintenance is required to repair the ground by the damage caused by many reasons. The equipment used helps people in fixing the ground and the court area. Listed below are some of the maintenance equipment for tennis court maintenance.

Har-Tru Tennis Court Maintenance Equipments

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Lack of irrigation damages the tennis courts and is one of the main reasons why you should always ensure that a good irrigation facility is available on the tennis court playground area. Har-Tru (Clay) Tennis courts with sprinkler irrigation are best to provide irrigation and these should be taken care of on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending upon the usage. A line broom, spreader, line scrub, power roller, scarifier, model roller, etc are some of the other essential equipment that is required in the sprinkler courts for proper efficiency of the court area. You must remove the standing water that causes algae on the surface and use the proper equipment mentioned above for better fixation of the court.

Tennis Court Maintenance Equipment – Hard Tennis Court Maintenance Devices

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The Asphalt or concrete tennis courts also require maintenance but not as much as compared to the Har-Tru clay courts. You must review the guidelines for the court area maintenance and then begin the process. The concrete tennis courts require equipment like water remover, roller refuge, leaf and debris remover like a push broom, water broom, backpack blower, etc. Landscaping and drainage should be ensured in these courts as these courts are subject to excessive heat and other strong weather conditions that might result in cracks on the court surface.

Other Tennis Court Maintenance Equipment

For better efficiency, the court should be cleaned regularly by a wet or dry broom to ensure regularity of the functioning area. Soft nylon or hair-type brooms are efficient for scrubbing the surface area of the courts. You must limit the pressure when using a pressure washer as too must pressure on the ground might damage the coatings.


Basic cleaning goes a long way and helps in preventing premature wear and staining of the tennis courts. Thus, you must ensure maintaining the area regularly and also ensure that no bikes or like things are allowed to trespass the court area to avoid any cracks on the surface. It’s not just about the game all the time which is why you have to learn about Court maintenance and be able to handle the equipment whenever need be. This will be efficient if you are practicing alone and you do not have to see anyone else for help to clean the area.

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