Tennis Footwork Lesson Ideas You Should Explore For The Game

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Tennis is a racquet sport which is famous in almost all countries. It is played in many state, national and international sporting events. One can play this individually or in a set of two in one team. There are many types of techniques in playing this sport. To learn tennis, one needs to take many drills and lessons from the tennis coach. Even though tennis might seem like a sport that primarily focuses on hand movement, yet footwork is considered as important as throwing balls from a racquet. Without the perfect synchronization of hand, eye, and foot one cannot play tennis in a good way. Some of the tennis footwork lessons that one can do are as follows.

Tennis Footwork Lesson – Mini Tennis Z-Ball

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This is a kind of game that is fun as well as useful while learning tennis. In this lesson, players need to catch and toss Z-ball underhandedly instead of using a racquet and tennis ball. Only service boxes are used while playing this game. Using underhand throws, players play tennis by throwing a ball into the opponent’s service box. The ball needs to bounce once before catching and throwing it. Players can make this game interesting by counting points.  In addition to improving footwork, this type of lesson also helps in better movement, agility, and reaction time of a player.

Tennis Footwork Lesson – Spider Run Test

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It is a kind of shuttle run. In the spider run test, a rectangle of 12 by 18 inches is made from masking tape, behind the center of the baseline. Then position five tennis balls on one on each corner where baseline and sideline meet and one on each side where sidelines and service lines meet and one ball on center T. start with one foot and retrieve each ball and place it in rectangle, moving in a counter-clockwise direction. One needs to do it as fast as one can. The less time is taken to place every ball, the better speed the player has. It is a great footwork training drill as it works on speed.

Tennis Footwork Lesson – Lateral Cone Slalom

Lateral cone slalom is a lesson that enhances the foot movement as in tennis, there is a continuous movement of feet to ensure the player is in the correct position to return the ball. In this, 10-12 cones are lined up along the baseline almost 1 meter apart. Start with one end of cones and weave through cones using small sideways adjustment, moving forward slightly diagonal until one reaches the other side. Backpedal through cones and repeat the action. Lateral cone slalom helps in improving the footwork and lateral movement of a player.


You will have to focus on consistently taking these lessons and deploying it in the game to get better results. We hope the tips we have provided above helps with your basic training and knowledge. These lessons help in making a player play nicely. A tennis coach should always impart these lessons when teaching beginners.

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