Tennis Forehand And Its Technique

Tennis Forehand And Its Technique

In tennis, the forehand technique is the most important one. However, to hit a forehand first, you have to turn back, reach the head, and follow this throughout. It is a groundstroke type. The racket swing path is a must to go across the body of the player. Also, the palm should be in the open. The forehand grip should be maintained by the dominant hand. 

Tennis Forehand And Its Technique
Tennis Forehand And Its Technique

This article helps you to understand what forehand is? And what are the easy steps? Which you can follow and improve your forehand technique.

What Is Forehand? 

  • Players who are right-handed, the rackets swing path usually starts at the right side of the body. And the racket face has the contact point with the ball. It passes across the torso. The end is with the follow-through over the left shoulder. 
  • Players who are left-handed, they do it in reverse order. The rackets swing path moves from the left side to the right-side shoulder.

Styles Of Forehands

However, there are different types of forehands in tennis.

  • Western Grip
  • Semi western Grip
  • Eastern Grip
  • Continental Grip

The western and continental grip was the most popular during the twentieth century. Semi western is the best contemporary grips. Moreover, more popular tennis players like Rafael and Novak hold the rackets in the semi-western style. Eastern grip is the modern forehand grip in tennis. Serena Williams and Roger are the best professional players and well known for eastern grip.

Modern Forehand –Technique 

Forehand in tennis is not very easy. The players frequently struggle to finish the short balls with the forehand. You can easily a few steps and which are usually followed by professionals and famous players.

Hitting A Forehand

  • Shot Preparation: The dominant hand should hold the racquet while the other hand holding racquet at the throat. The racquet should be taken back by turning with your open shoulders. Bend your legs comfortably and maintain by keeping your legs shoulder-width apart. However, this is called a ready position.
Tennis Forehand And Its Technique
Tennis Forehand And Its Technique
  • Back Swing: However, your non-dominant hands should leave the throat of your racquet. The racquet should be placed level up to your head. Never bring your racquet too high or low instead, turn your shoulders entirely. Moreover, locking your wrist to make sure that you have a smooth and consistent movement while taking the racquet back. If the backswing is not constant, then your forehead becomes erratic.
  • Generating Forward Swing: You should drop the racquet below the level of the ball. Elbows should be bent, and your forearm must pronate. The ball should be appropriately focused and make sure that there is no hitching in the swing.
  • Swing: You should hit the ball when it is in your comfortable position and distance. It should be hit when it is within the striking range. Low to high-level trace swing is a must to avoid so that you prevent the land short. Arms must be extended and use your wrist.
  • Follow Through: Howeverarms must extend in front of you and thrash your wrist. The forearm should be pronated and also stay balanced. Do not lose your shot by watching too early to apply for the shot. Because it will affect your shot.
  • Do Not Change The Swing: You are follow-through should not be short because you might hit the net. The swing path should be smooth and continuous.  
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