Tennis Lesson Plan Guide

Tennis Lesson Plan

A lesson plan is inevitable for you when you are starting a tennis unit for beginners, this is because with a lesson plan your students will learn

Identify the different parts of the tennis ball

Know how to score a game

Explain how to score a part

Time to be taken; –

Lesson two will take two hours or more. Lesson two can be repeated during subsequent classes to improve skills.



Whiteboard markers

Eight cones

Tennis court

One racket per student

Tennis ball hopper.



A person using a blackboard

Part one; ( this will take place in a classroom); Start by asking the student what they know about tennis. Have they ever watched it or played it? Ask them to interact and record their answers on white board.

Then write the

Next, read Game scoring and deuce. Then ask how many games it will take to win a point. At this stage, you should show your students a drawn scoring chart. This will aid their understanding.

At the end, read the reminder of the lesson and draw an unlabeled tennis court on the board. Label the court and introduce your students to the terms. Tell them you will start using them when the class starts playing the game on the tennis court.

Give room for your students to ask questions, and ask them in turn. Re-discuss scoring and labelling of court. Then clean the labels of the court and ask volunteer students to label it again.

Part two; ( This will take place in the court) ; Start by reviewing the first lesson in class before moving to the court.

Next, proceed to the tennis court, start by practically showing your students the parts of the tennis court that were discussed in the last class. And pick some combination of tennis games, introduce your students to the skills they need to become good players. Some of the games you can pick from includes, cross court cones, super servers and short shots.


A blue ball on the court

This is just a guide to tennis lesson plans, there are many free and paid lesson plans on the internet that you can easily access, go through and decide whether it will suit your students. You can also go through a number of lesson plans and bring your own out from them.

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