Tennis Lessons For Beginners – Complete Guide

Tennis Lessons For Beginners

Whether you are an adult or a teenager, you can learn this timeless sport at any age. Tennis lessons for beginners are very important, so here we will guide you. Don’t worry if you have never touched a racket but always wanted to play. Because you can pick up the game quickly and can master it. Just the skills need to be corrected at an early stage. You need to understand certain rules to perfect the game.

In a sport like tennis, you have to be comfortable with the movement of the ball. You have to learn the foot works to hit the ball at the right time, in the right position. Because if you don’t hit the ball with timing then the ball will not touch the best spot of the racquet. And, your opponent player can take advantage of that game timing. 

Tennis Lesson For Beginners

A tennis lesson for beginners is mostly given by the coach, and hiring a perfect coach is a serious task. The better you grasp the techniques in the beginning the lesser mistake you’re likely to make later. Hit the ball being in the right position is the key. So, you have to learn the footwork along with hitting the ball. You have to keep moving and hopping throughout the game and be on your toes. Because this game is all about fast pace and timing, so you have to keep those legs ready. Let’s discuss some footwork techniques you need to learn to be in the right place to hit the ball. 

Best Tennis Lessons For Beginners
Best Tennis Lessons For Beginners

The “Ready” Position

In this position, you learn how to stay alert and ready with the racket for the ball. The position is to keep the racket in the front, stand with legs shoulder-width apart and slightly bent forward as if you are waiting for the ball. Be on your toes as this will perfect your timing. 

The “Split Step” Position

In split step, the player shortly hops and the hops activate the leg which helps the player to have a better reaction after getting at the ball. Because getting at the ball is not the only motive, challenging your opponent with a trick shot is also important. 

Tennis Lesson For Beginner Directions

This movement suggests players have to move in every direction to cover up the court ground. Players have to move from left to right, forward-backward, and also diagonally. 

Moving Steps

The moving step is a combination of various foot works that you need to practice. You have to keep on the shuffle, cross step, sprint, adjusting steps, etc. throughout the match.


Stances decide your timing of hitting the ball, in this move you put the load on your feet before you hit the ball. There are four different stances used and they are neutral, close, open, semi-open. 

Tennis Lessons For Beginners Guide
Tennis Lessons For Beginners Guide


Tennis is a fast-paced sport, so never stop moving and use all the directions. So, following the techniques will always save you from minor injuries. 

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