“Tennis racket” For Different Types Of Players

"Tennis Racket" For Different Types Of Players

A tennis racket or a racquet is sports equipment which consists of a handled frame that has a head attached to it. Across which several strings are stretched tightly. A tennis racket is available in many sizes, shapes, and designs.

"Tennis Racket" For Different Types Of Players
“Tennis Racket” For Different Types Of Players

Tennis Racket: Stiffness, Flexibility, And Control

Rigidity– the stiffness of the racket impacts the performance of the tennis player. Before buying a racquet, one should understand the racquet well. A thicker beam sends more energy to the ball.

Flexibility– the more flexible the frame of the racquet, the better the energy is absorbed. When the player hits the ball, and the racquet is stiff, it will demand more power.

Control– if the racquet has flexible frames, it will result in less power potential of the racquet. But it results in reasonable control. Buy a smaller head size racquets if you are looking for a precise control

Tips For Choosing A Tennis Racket

  • See the size of the racquet. Check if it`s an adult-sized racquet or for a child.
  • Select a racquet seeing the physical strength of the player.
  • If one is buying a racquet for recreational purposes or the player wants to become a competitive player. Racquets, in both cases, will be different.
  • The budget of the person. The budget should be kept in mind when one is going to buy a racquet.
  • The racquets weight, length, head size everything has to be looked into when buying a right racquet

Types Of Tennis Rackets

  1. For beginners– Power racquets are considered to be the best for beginners. As the beginners have not yet learned the skill and techniques of generating their power. It is best for small players. The characteristics of the right racquet is a big head size, larger length, and appropriate weight. The frame should be stiff enough. It should be light in weight. Beginners require a larger head that is a larger hitting surface. This kind of racquet is best for them.
  2. Tweener racquets- all those players who are looking for an improvement in playing tennis. It is for players who want to combine power and control features. Also recommended for those players who are looking for more spin. These types of players can choose a lighter racquet of about 9- 11 ounces. The racquet in this category should neither be too massive nor light. Players say rackets with heads of 95-102 inches are perfect. And the ideal length should be around 27.5 to 28 inches. Advanced players should select this type of racquet.
  3. Control racquets or players racquets– all the adverse players with fast long swing need this kind of racquet. It is a lower racquet that offers more control while playing. The weight of the racquet in this category should be around11.5-13 ounces with smaller heads around 85-98 inches.
"Tennis Racket" For Different Types Of Players
“Tennis Racket” For Different Types Of Players


There is a wide variety of tennis rackets available for different types of tennis players. The size, weight, length of the racquet should be kept in mind. Always carefully choose a racquet according to your needs, physical strength, and budget.

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