Tennis Rules And Scoring System

Tennis Rules And Scoring System

The tennis scoring system is a highly complex one. It is one of the very few games where you can win a few lesser points but still win the game. In this article, we look at some important tennis rules that appear confusing. They, however, are necessary to ensure your command on the game. We will also make you familiar with the scoring pattern in this intense and exciting sport. 

Top Tennis Rules

In the tennis rules regarding serve, every player who serves gets two chances on service. This ensures that the player serving is not put to the disadvantage of putting out the weak serve to avoid a fault. Players generally make their first serve as attacking and in the 2nd serve they ensure more accuracy rather than aggression. Also, there is a 25 seconds limit for a player to start his serve. It is displayed on the time clock. If the player exceeds that limit, the umpire gives out a warning. 

Another important tennis rules are about the player challenges. Each player can challenge the line judge call until he does so in 3 wrong occasions. This is one of the latest tennis rules. It was invented a few years ago and aimed to ensure accurate decisions during matches.

The tennis rules about singles and doubles matches are pretty much the same except the court dimensions. The length of the tennis court remains the same for both singles and doubles at 78 feet. However, the width varies from 27 feet in singles to 26 feet in doubles. This is visible through the lines on the court. 

Another important list of tennis rules is about touching the court. In the mid of a rally of a player touches the net before the ball bounces twice, he loses the point. In simple terms, you are not supposed to touch the net till the point ends. Another one of the less known tennis rules is the time-out. A player is allowed a medical time-out of 10 minutes in the match he feels sick on the court. He can also take a 3-minute on-court time and call the physiotherapist in case of minor issues as per tennis rules. 

Tennis Scoring System

After the tennis rules, we now throw light on the tennis scoring system. Here are the few points that will simplify the tennis score system for your understanding. 

  • To win a game in tennis, the player needs to score 4 points with a difference of 2 from the opponent. Tennis scores run like 15, 30, 40. If both players reach 40, it is called a deuce. Here the winner will have to take a consecutive 2 point advantage to win the game. 
  • Also, sets are won with 2 games difference. That means a player can win the set either at a 6-4 or 7-5 score. If both players reach 6-6 in a set then a tiebreaker is played. That also needs is won by reaching 7 points but by the difference of 2. It can go on further till one of the two players makes it a two-point difference. The examples are like 9-7; 10-8 or 12-10. 

  • The tennis ladies’ tournaments are played with the best of 3. In men’s section, the tournaments are played best of 3 but Grand Slam involves best of 3 matches.
  • The score of 6-0 win in the set is called a bagel. A score of 6-1 win in the set is referred as the breadstick. 

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