The Equipment You Need For a Tennis Court

“Tennis Court Supply can be found in Salt Lake City, Utah.” This is one way to know that they are serious about their product. They also offer regular tennis equipment and supplies to gym clients as well as tennis courts. They states, “We are your source for tennis equipment and accessories, as well as tennis court construction and maintenance. With more than 30 years of expertise in tennis court building and management, we understand exactly what you require to keep your court and yourself, in tip-top shape.

Tennis Ball Sets

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Here you will find all of your tennis court equipment and supplies. You will get your tennis balls and colorful tennis balls bags. There is even a small pouch for sending your balls back to us for cleaning. We will set up your court for play and will send you replacement tennis balls when they are damaged.

Umpires Chairs and Umpires Table

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We carry all the basic tennis court equipment and supplies you will need. This includes the tennis court table and the umpire chairs. The Umpires Chairs comes in different styles and colors, the most popular ones are red, black and white with visors. There are also red and black chairs with red and black visors. These chairs are very comfortable to sit in and easy to use by the players or team managers.

Basic Tennis Equipment and Supplies

We have everything you will need for court setup. The tennis ball, tennis balls bags and the racquets. We carry all size tennis court equipment you will need for an adult court. We also have tennis shoes that you can use to play on and you can order them according to your choice. For younger kids there are tennis sneakers that come in different sizes and colors.

Umpires Chairs and Umpires Table

We will offer you the basic umpires chairs and table. They are made of plastic and have Velcro straps on the legs to hold them in place. There are many colors available in these chairs and they look very nice. Some of them come with a windshield for protecting the users from the rain or sun.


The racquets are used to hit the tennis balls back and forth. The racquets are made of hard plastic and come in different sizes. There are junior racquets for the little kids. And then there are adult racquets for the professionals. Most tennis courts have a seating area where the players will be playing. You will find several tables set in front of the seats where the players can put their racquets and start hitting.

Serving Equipment

You will also need some serving equipment for tennis courts. We carry serving tennis balls, serving hoops, tennis bags and serving machines. Tennis players use these items to serve the tennis ball to their opponents. There are also tennis nets, you can rent if you don’t have your own tennis court. Tennis nets protect you from the tennis balls you get hit with. They give you extra protection against the balls that might hit you in the head or arm.

There are many other types of tennis equipment you can rent if you are having a tennis court built for you. Tennis courts are great and can provide you and your family or team with hours of fun. When building your tennis courts, you can rent tennis equipment for each set of players as needed. So check out our other articles on equipment for tennis courts.

Tennis courts are designed for the comfort of the players. They offer different tennis ball lengths to accommodate players of all sizes. The tennis ball length is based on the height of the players. The tennis court is surrounded by an enclosure called a net which helps the tennis ball travel to the other side of the court and return to the player who hit it.

Add Ons 

Other tennis equipment you may need for a tennis court is rackets, shuttlecocks, paddles and tennis shoes. You should make sure you have enough rackets and shuttlecocks to meet the demands of your players. Too many people take shuttlecocks and rackets from their school sports equipment and bring them to a tennis court. Not only are they heavy, they also wear out quickly and if you buy them used they will not be in the best shape. You need to have enough rackets and shuttlecocks for each player.


Buying tennis equipment online is a great way to get the best deal possible. If you shop around and compare prices, you will be able to save money. tennis court equipment like tennis balls, tennis courts and tennis equipment are all relatively inexpensive. When you add up the costs, it can be even cheaper to buy these items online.

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