The Merger Of Tennis Express With Signa Sports United

tennis express

Tennis Express is one of the topmost online retailers for tennis equipment and gear in the US. It has been around for more than 20 years. Recently, the European sports eCommerce and tech brand Signa Sports United acquired Tennis Express along with Midwest Sports which is another leading tennis platform. This has made Signa Sports United or SSU one key player in the tennis market. SSU itself has a tennis-based subsidiary named Tennis-Point. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Houston Based Tennis Express 

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Tennis Express is a retail store that is located in Houston, Texas. It is one of the best retailers for tennis supplies across the nation. From tennis equipment like racquets, ball machines, and accessories such as shoes to tennis apparel, the retailer brings every essential for the sport. The retail store is also accessible on online platforms. It is better known for its top-notch product quality and staff service. It was founded way back in 1993 in Houston. Today, it has completed more than 25 years of establishment and has merged with Berlin’s Signa Sports United. 

Acquisition By Signa Sports United Of Berlin 

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Signa Sports United is a top brand in the area of sports commerce as well as technology in the European market. It has over 500 offline stores worldwide. It sees more than 300 million visitors every year. The brand has partnered with thousands of brands and has several subsidiary companies too. Its subsidiaries include brands like Bikester, Campz, Addnature, and many more. There are around 4 million active customers of Signa Sports United. SSU now has a leading spot in the US market due to a recent merger with Tennis Express along with Midwest Sports. 

Subsidiary Tennis-Point 

Tennis-Point is a brand that is completely dedicated to tennis products. Signa Sports United has many brands under its wing dedicated to a variety of sports or categories. Tennis-Point was originally started in 2007 in Germany. In a few months, the brand grew at a faster rate and rose to the top in Germany as well as Europe. Presently, it is one of the best online stores for tennis equipment, gear, and so on. This Signa Sports United subsidiary has over 28 physical stores across Europe. As for the staff and management, there are more than 400 employees at Tennis-Point. 


The popular tennis retailer, Tennis Express saw an acquisition by Signa Sports United, a European sports eCommerce as well as tech brand. Tennis Express is a more than 20 years old online retailer based in Houston, Texas. With its merger, Signa Sports United or SSU has acquired a leading place in the tennis market of the US. SSU currently has thousands of brand partners, 500+ offline stores, more than 4 million active buyers, and receives over 300 million visitors. Its subsidiary Tennis-Point is a success too. 

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