Tips For Buying Platform Tennis Equipment And The Common Strategy

Platform Tennis Equipment

If you are a tennis expert, a lot of platform tennis equipment that needs to be known. Beyond that, the basic primary equipment for playing tennis includes racket, strings, socks and shoes, bag, t-shirt, visor, sunglasses, headband, wrist band, water bottle, visor, shorts and skirts, ball holder, towel, strings, and over grips.

Platform Tennis Equipment And Tips For Buying

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  • Generally, there will be two players, one sender and one receiver. They use a rubber ball to play the sport. The surface of the paddle must be textured. The court is made up of aluminum. It is quite expensive to build a court and maintain it. It is also called paddle tennis. Beginners prefer lightweight balls initially, with low density. The selection of a ball depends upon its performance according to the weather condition. The ball must fly at a distance and it has to be soft even the temperature is low. The ball has to spin well.                      
  • Though it may sound silly, the selection of a bag is vitally important. Different styles of the bag are available. According to the player’s need, these bags should be chosen. It might be a backpack with a large space or with a duffel bag so that multiple paddles and balls can be placed or a fashionable tote bag. See to that the shoulders strap must be adjusted easily.
  • One of the main platform tennis equipment is gloves. The grip is very important. Grip dot gloves are also available. Check that the mitts need to keep your hand warm. While buying a paddle kindly check the weight, head size, density, and grip. The weight of the paddle depends upon density also. For beginners prefer low-density paddle. 
  • The shoes must be a comfort and that should be made of good quality and durable. You frequently change the direction of your foot while playing. So give the utmost importance to select your shoes. 

Platform Tennis Common Strategy 

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Play such a way that your opponent needs to make more faults. Need a lot of patience. Even if it is a singles match or doubles matches the strategy applies to both. Make the opponent miss the ball. Do not get too nervous or over-excited while playing. In the same way, never judge your opponent as a weaker person. Hit smart. Note the direction of your opponent’s foot movement. Net positioning is important. Stay hydrated. Comfort yourself according to the weather. Do not ever show your weakness to the opponent.


Always have sunscreen lotion in hand. It is not compulsory to wear a wrist band. Give priority to the Platform tennis equipment that you have in hand instead of worrying about not what you don’t have. Make comfortable with the ground and court where you stand and automatically everything goes with positive vibes around you with success.

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