Top 6 Paddle Tennis Equipment 2020

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Whether you’re a pro, or someone still new to the game, having the right equipment in your arsenal is crucial for winning games. Paddle tennis is one of the most intense sports out there so it’s best to have the right brands in order to stay competitive and right on track. This helpful article will provide you some the carefully-handpicked paddle tennis equipment you might want to consider.

Head Hadel Pro Paddle Balls

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When it comes to paddle balls, Head Hadel Pro is your best choice. You’ll surely be satisfied with its quality and texture since it’s made up with only the finest materials. Additionally, this brand is one of the best brands that ensures the balls can last up to five games. Its other variant called the Head Hadel Pro S, gives more bounces than the standard. Either way, you can choose between the two depending on the court location.

Mega Tac Overgrips

The Mega Tac is one of the best paddle tennis overgrips you must have. Its ergonomic design is carefully designed to fit the handling of every tennis player. Depending on your intended usage, you can choose one among its other variants. All of them will provide a better grip without troubling from too much sweat.

Adidas Supernova ATTK Racket

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This topnotch paddle tennis racket is excellent for training and competitive purposes. It’s carbon-fiber features aluminized fiberglass EVA paddle foam. Its dedicated for players that prioritizes the perfect balance between power and precision. 

Additionally, this tennis racket helps the use maximize energy more efficiently. Its Alutex and EVA soft energy fiber enables great flexibility and comfort for every player. Choosing this will help you realize the feeling of being a professional player.

Optima ELITE Carbon Platform Racket

If you prefer something lightweight in build, then go for Optima ELITE. The reason behind this is because the frame is made from carbon. Overall, the racket just weights about 360 grams, which is perfect for demonstrating finesse for every move. However, the tennis racket is dedicated for most women, although men can use it as well. Moreover, professional players pick this one because of its diamond-shaped head, which gives a larger sweet spot.

PITON Professional Padel Racket

This paddle tennis racket is perfect for every player because of its rounded head. With just approximately 375 grams, it will surely suit every learning player. The frame’s durability comes from the reinforced carbon fiber it has. The makers really made sure that it’s worth having due to the amount of detail and comfort it possesses. So, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this respected brand is worth having.

Paddle Shoes

When it comes to footwear, choose the Asics SG Bela shoe. It has been in tight competition with other brands for almost five years already. Although the shoe underwent some slight changes, it’s still remained one of the best shoes around. Its excellent ergonomic design is one of the reasons why professional athletes and world champions prefers this over any other brands.

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