Tsitsipas Coach – Everything You Should Know About It

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Everybody in the field of tennis would be aware of Tsitsipas Coach and it is an inspiration to learn more about his story. In this article, we have discussed his game tactics and how he turned into a coach from being the biggest tennis star.

Tsitsipas Coach

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Stefanos Tsitsipas is a tennis star from Greece. He is currently World No. 3 and is the first Greek player to reach Grand Slam final in 2021. He is coached by Patrick Mouratoglou and also his father Apostolos Tsitsipas. Stefanos’s mother, Julia Apostoli, had been a junior player who represented the Soviet Union and Greece. Patrick Mouratoglou has been the go-to coach for most of the players. He gave guidance to Serena Williams in the last decade. Stefanos has also been working with Jaime Cortes since the Covid-19 pandemic started. He is also supporting and helping the player with the mental side of the game. 

Tsitsipas Coach – The Game

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Stefanos has also been accused of on-court coaching when it is strictly against the ATP rules. Alexander Zverev, the German tennis player, accused him of it during one of the games where he was playing against Stefanos. He said that he has seen him do it in other tournaments as well. The umpire did say that someone was escorting the player and there is no chance of doing anything against the rules. But Zverev replied, saying that he was not going to be escorted to the bathroom. After that, the camera on the stadium zoomed in on Apostolos Tsitsipas, Stephanos’s father, and he was seen texting on his phone, which seemed to add weight to Zverev’s point. 


In the Olympics this year, Stefanos Tsitsipas’s fitness coach talked about the situations faced at the games by him and the whole team. He said that accommodation was not so good with three people in a 20 square meter flatbed. Other countries like UK and USA have larger spaces and apartments. Then the language became a barrier as most of the staff didn’t speak English, which is the common language used almost everywhere. Language problems made other things more complicated. For instance, sorting out the laundry or losing clothes and then spending hours trying and finding a solution. 


Then, due to the Covid-19 protocols, he was isolated, which further ruined his experience. At two in the morning, he was called to say that he was in close contact with someone on the flight who had tested positive. But Fiotakis pointed out that there were other members from Germany and Italy on the same flight. But he was the only one who was asked to self-isolate. It was nine days after he had arrived, and he already had nine negative tests, too. Thus, he had to make a video call to Stefanos to warm him up and go by car than the bus to the stadium. It resulted in him not being able to coach Stefanos or follow the routine of talking with him before the match.

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