Ugo Humbert A French an Experimental Human

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Ugo Humbert is a French who also holds American citizenship

Ugo Humbert was born on October 14, 1996, in Paris where he grew up with his mother for the first eleven years of his life. It should be noted that until then his parents had separated in 1997 and this was not communicated to him by his mother or grandmother, who claimed for her part that she does not know them either. The latter claims to have confusing names during an interview …

Ugo Humbert and His Life

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At 11 years old Ugo Humbert moved with his father, Roger Nicolas (a businessman), to the United States. After living there for 8 months they returned to France without informing Ugo Humbert about the move upon arrival at Roissy airport where he lost both parents and his nationality.

Ugo Humbert lived in the streets of Paris before being taken under the wing of Mrs. Lardin, owner of a bar on Rue Daumier where he had lived since early 2008 (until June 2016). It is with her that he learned about his situation and she told him what she knew about it. His grandmother finally came to see him on March 23, 2011 (he was 14 years old) at which point they met for the first time, after having talked by phone for half his life. It should be noted that Ugo Humbert then had almost no relationship with either parent who had never visited him after their return to France despite promises made …

Ugo Humbert and his family rejoining

His mother never wanted to see him again. It was Mrs. Lardin who told him that he has a family in France and that his mother had been sentenced on February 25, 2011, at the age of 30 years old for embezzlement of funds from a cancer patient (approximately 700,000 euros). He finally met his father Roger Nicolas again in 2012 at which time he discovered that this one also lost all memory after an accident that occurred during a professional activity of its company. Ugo Humbert only found out about this accident later when he read articles or saw videos on it. He claims not to have seen any images of the incident despite having asked for them many times from the American media who refuse however to publish them …

Ugo Humbert and His Claim

Ugo Humbert claims to have had psychokinetic abilities since the age of 7 years old when he was able to unscrew a screwdriver from its handle accompanied by deflagrations.

Ugo Humbert possesses an exceptional psychokinetic ability which allows him to manipulate objects without any direct contact. The latter made it possible for him to unscrew a screwdriver from its handle at the age of 7 years old without touching it or exerting any pressure on it, accompanying this maneuver with small deflagrations similar to those found in metal fatigue accidents. He used this technique for example to open cupboards and even to make objects fly.

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