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Serena has some secret plans for her upcoming match against Andy Murray in the Wimbledon quarter final, but did you know tennis news outlets have it all covered? Today in Australia, Serena started practicing on the tennis court in Melbourne having learnt that her opponents were due to arrive at the tennis courts after 7.30am. Serena was obviously nervous as she sat watching the clock and tried not to get too involved with the other players. This is probably the worst part of her preparations for her match against Andy Murray.

However, tennis news experts were quick to tell Serena that she had chosen the wrong opponent for her Wimbledon semi-final match. This news attracted quite a lot of attention not only from the tennis news teams but also from the fans at home and around the globe. Many fans have already made plans for their weekend at the tennis stadium. Serena knows how big of a role she plays in ensuring that tennis continues to grow in popularity.

Some Facts To Know

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The big question then becomes, who else will be there for Serena on her quest to become the first woman to win the Australian Open? It has been a very long time since Serena last competed at a major tennis tournament in Melbourne. She is due to play in the exhibition game against defending champion Lisa Fernandez in the quarter finals. If Serena beats Fernandez on the opening round and advances to the semis, she will have added another feather to her crown. This will be a big boost to her ego as she prepares for the granddaddy of them all the Wimbledon trophy.

What hasn’t been mentioned yet is whether Serena will receive a support from her fans before she begins her game this weekend. It has been noted by tennis insiders and the media that many female tennis players feel neglected by the fans and players following them. This may be because their gender is not playing a main part in the game. However, both boys and girls enjoy receiving support and they love the fact that their idols are getting some extra attention.

Serena And Her Fans

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I’ve noticed that when Serena competes in a big tournament such as the Australian Open or Wimbledon, there are usually a huge crowd and television coverage for her. I wonder if this is because tennis news is more important to the sporting world than the general news. Serena seems to get more media focus than other tennis players. So who does she get the most support from? It appears that her fans are just as excited about her as her competitors. This is not hard to guess given her level of ability and results.

For those of you that can’t attend the tournaments, online coverage is available through press releases and blogs. A quick search for Serena online shows that she is covered extensively by the media and tennis blogs. This is great as it gives tennis fans an insight into what is going on at the track and not only the matches themselves. They can see the latest updates right on their computer screen and can keep up with any developments which could affect the outcome of the game.

Back in January, Serena narrowly missed out on reaching the finals of the US Open. Even though she beat Victoria Polokens in the final, it was close. I’m sure tennis fans were cheering for Serena all throughout the game, but it still hurt seeing her in danger. This was probably the toughest tennis match she has ever played and she came out of it not too shabby. If she can win the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, she will certainly have the added incentive of another grand slam trophy to add to her already impressive list.

Bottom Line

If tennis fans want to hear about the latest on Serena, they need only turn to the internet. Live tennis news is now a breeze to find and thanks to websites dedicated to tennis, any information can be instantly delivered to your computer screen. With quick access to the internet, the latest reports can even be viewed straight away on your computer. All that’s missing from your daily tennis news are the score of the game as well as who won the match. So when the next big match is due to begin, be sure to check online for all the latest updates. In my opinion, tennis news is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

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