WTA: Women Tennis Association

WTA: Women Tennis Association

Women Tennis association is the main organizing body for women’s professional tennis. It exercises control over the WTA tour, which is primarily for women tennis players to give women players worldwide recognition. It was made in June 1973 by  Billie Jean King. WTA has its headquarters in the Florida United States.

WTA: Women Tennis Association
WTA: Women Tennis Association

WTA History

When WTA was formed, Billie Jean King was among the nine players who had created WTA. Those special nine players were called as “ original 9” Their names are

  • Julie Heldman
  • Valerie  Ziegenfuss
  • Judy Dalton
  • Kirtsy Pigeon
  • Peaches Bartkowicz
  • Nancy Richey
  • Rosy Casals
  • Kerry Melville Reid
  • Billie Jean King.

Earlier at the beginning of open earlier at the beginning of the open era, there were two professional tennis sockets in existence

  • World Championship tennis WCT
  • National Tennis League NTL

In the year 1970, The Virginia Slim circuit was made, and Billie Jean King led it. She, with the other eight members, led the circuit.  This circuit was made of 19 tournaments. All the women got to play for particular prize money. This was the first time women got to play for prize money like other men tournaments.

Billie Jean King

WTA: Women Tennis Association
WTA: Women Tennis Association

She is an American former world number 1 professional tennis player.  She has many trophies and titles attached to her name. She has won 39 Grand Slam titles, 12 in singles, 16 in doubles and 11 in mixed doubles.

She has represented the United States in the Federation Cup and Wightman cup. She also has been the captain of United States team in the Federation Cup for three years. In 7 Federation Cups and 9 Wightman cups, she has been a member of the United States.

She is known to stand for gender equality and Social Justice. She was also known for her aggressive, powerful way of playing tennis. She was one of the nine players that incorporated WTA. It is because of her women too got to play for prize money.

2018 WTA

In the year 2018 WTA included 54 events amongst which  the main events were

  • WTA premier tournament
  • WTA International tournament
  • The Fed Cup
  • The year-end Championship (Elite  Trophy)
  • Four Grand Slams.

All these events took place in 30 countries.

 2019 WTA Tour

It is an elite professional circuit arranged and managed by world tennis association. And the following are the events which have taken place:-

  • Grand Slam tournaments
  • Year-end championships
  • Mandatory Premier
  • Premier 5
  • Premier
  • International

Team Events

  • For single tennis, the first rank holder in July is Ashleigh Barty from Australia. The second WTA ranking holder is from Japan Naomi Osaka.
  • For double tennis first ranking holder is Barbora Strycova from the Crèch Republic

The Second Rank holder is Kristina Mladenovia from France.

Ranking Methods

Rankings of based on all the performances of 52 weeks.

  • A player’s ranking is taken out by seeing her results of maximum of 16 tournaments for singles and 11 tournaments for doubles.
  • Points of the players should include points on from Grand Slam premier mandatory tournament and finals.
  • For top 20 players result in the Premier five tournaments is also taken under consideration.
  • Old WTA players also have a Universal tennis rating based on head to head results.


It is a pioneer organization for professional women tennis. The association has given women equality to play for prize money like men. It also rules the WTA Tour, which is made to provide a better future to professional tennis players.

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